Select Location and Generate Route. Destinator. 9. Point of Interest (POI). The Point of to guide you to a shopping center, hotel, restaurant, or gas station. Destinator Technologies Inc. (Canada) PERSONAL LOCATION DEVICE Page 9 of PLD PERSONAL LOCATION DEVICE User Manual Starter Kit V2 User. Destinator Navigates for the Packard Bell Compasseo – User’s Guide. Copyright © You can click the Night Mode button to display the map in night. 9.

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Symbols — Visual notification is displayed in pictorial form as an arrow diagram. The third box displays the location of the destination you have highlighted. Fill in the required information to create your account on Destinator Community, and click on Next. The Destinator Map Cutter is displayed.

For example, you may prefer to not travel on any toll roads. Destinator PN User Guide 7.

Figure 35 – Contact Info Screen 3. Speed Limit – Gives you a voice prompt when your car exceeds the speed limit on this section of the road. When you highlight this item, information about the location is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Some smaller sub- manuql may not contain street data.


Or, if you wish to install to a different installation directory click Browse and follow the onscreen instructions. Destinator PN User Guide 9.

Destinator PN User Guide 8. Leave it as is. Shortest manusl — Destinator PN calculates the route by picking the shortest distance. POI navigation is especially handy when you need to find a facility, attraction or amenity by category or type.

Acer Destinator PN User Manual

Click on Done to close the screen. Press Region if you are navigating a route across several maps. Page 45 of A pop-up message requiring confirmation appears. The route is shown on the map destinatro a blue line from your current GPS position.

Creating information about locations in this way is much faster than entering the information via the PDA keyboard. TMC messages are national and regional public radio FM transmissions that are used to inform drivers of traffic, weather, and other driving conditions.

Enter your Device ID then press Finish. Use Planner Mode for trip planning. The selected map is temporally loaded to hard disk. Destinator PN User Guide 3. You can also select The icon indicates the next item to destinstor displayed. POIs are identified on the map by various icons eg: When selected, the button will appear as. Click on Send Location. Origin Figure 57 – 3D View In such cases, please choose the larger super- municipality displayed in parentheses to search for these streets.



This view is manuual useful for navigation when you want to see more of your lateral surroundings. This chapter contains a description of the following topics: Click Next to continue.

Destinator PN User Guide 5. Destinator PN User Guide To display the map position of items in the Auto Alerts category, check the box to the left of the category name, just as you would to display map positions of items in any other category. Enter text from picture: Comments to this Manuals Destinztor Name. If this is the first time you are using Trip Planner you will need to create a Trip Folder in which to store your trip details.