[Trekking], a word whose meaning is understood best when practiced and experienced! Trekking adds life to your days, which you would otherwise spend doing. Iron, Calcium and B complex along with a protein supplement liquid. Classifieds in newspaper. 1. Lokmat Oxygen. Arogyapatrika. Sakal. 2. Lokmat (literally ‘People’s Opinion’) is a Marathi language newspaper published from Mumbai, and several other cities in Maharashtra state. Founded in by .

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supplemebt Lokmat Manthan Sunday Supplement: My attempt to compare and contrast the education systems in India and USA in the light of changing socio-ecomonic landscape in both countries. Sakal 08 September My thoughts about social networking and the changes it suppement bringing to our communication This was Things have changed even more rapidly since then! Sakal 17 October This was my attempt in political humor and I wrote this after then President Obama’s announcement against outsourcing, “No to Bangalore, Yes to Buffalo”.


This article was based on my surreal experience of visiting the grave of Dr. Anandibai Joshi, the first Indian female physician. Unpublished 30 July A spontaneous piece penned on Mohammad Rafi’s death anniversary.

My musings while waiting for my ride supplement landing at Mumbai Airport for a short India trip. Sakal Weekly 12 March An article about my encounters with drawing during the progress?

Lokmat – Wikipedia

Moving Diary Unpublished July A quickfire piece about our moving from Pennsylvania to New Jersey in July Potty Talks UnpublishedJanuary An article about potty- a subject very close to heart!

Then what happened next?

MarchDiwali issue of ‘Majha Marathicha Bol’. An article about stories and our love for them. This will be included in Diwali issue of ‘Majha Marathicha Bol’.

All is Well, 24 July Lokmat, ‘Sakhi’ supplement. An article about self-cheating and how it can be necessary at times.