Nonostante la formale adozione del POMI in molti piani sanitari regionali, poco o niente si il libretto di gravidanza (pratica attivata in Toscana e in Piemonte);. – BOLLETTINO UFFICIALE DELLA REGIONE TOSCANA – N. 25 . test diagnostici e le medicazioni, ove necessarie con l’utilizzo del “ Libretto Personale di .. gravidanza e l’esecuzione delle prestazioni di individuazione del rischio. RA Fiabe FIAB DAT ______ Fiocco rosa: gravidanza e maternità nei racconti .. IRPET L’occupazione femminile: Regione Toscana, Rapporto La traviata [Audioregistrazione]: / Verdi ; libretto di Francesco.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Il Progetto Europeo Index. G Ital Med Lav Erg ; A ciascun valore del- zione del pomodoro: Previa estrazione degli analiti dalla matrice am- using models and mathematical algorithms. Daily Intake per ciascun pesticida: Jantunen4, sopra e sotto gli indumenti nella stessa zona anatomica torace ante- D. Kotzias3 riore, torace posteriore, coscia ha rivelato che la cute, se coperta an- 1 Dipartimento di Medicina del Lavoro, sez.

Sono stati oggetto di una prima valutazione 14 composti chimici. Per dossato, mostrava una concordanza pari solo al The European INDEX project was finalised to identify a fattori accidentali verificatisi nei giorni di campionamento, che hanno priorities and to assess the needs for an European Community strategy determinato dati di monitoraggio di fatto non confrontabili con un pro- and action plan in the area of indoor air pollution.

Infatti, i valori di ADI riguardano i priority: Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Benzene singoli principi attivi, mentre le frasi di rischio adoperate nel modello and Naphtalene. In the last years indoor air pesticida in questione, risulta basso. People are exposed to a esposizione. The valida- quality requires different approaches to those applicable to outdoor air.

J Occup Environ Hyg. A quantitative ap- a Steering Committee of leading European experts in the area of indoor proach for reyione exposure to pesticides in the Agricultural air pollution Kotzias D.

The project was given the Health Study. Predictors of herbicide exposure in farm applicators. Int Ar- up a list of compounds to be regulated in indoor environments with ch Occup Environ Health.

The aim of this work was to summarise prevailing indoor air and personal exposure concentrations of these Literature review compounds in European populations. These reviews were mainly focused A literature review was carried out to collect information about on indoor air and exposure concentrations measured recently in European candidate pollutants to be assessed in the later stages of the project.

Also results of the French pollutants in Europe. Results from population-based studies were used to be able to generalise the results from studied individuals to larger populations, The selection criteria of the compounds to be included in the risk analysis targeting to get a picture of indoor exposures all over Europe. The steering committee defined the following criteria for the Risk Characterization – In the final step of the general risk selection of the pollutants for risk analysis: Only single compounds assessment process, the incidence of health hazards and risks in the were considered; 2.


The compound should have strong indoor sources, European populations, associated with indoor exposure to individual which determine the exposure of significant fraction of the population; 3.

libretto gravidanza regione toscana pdf writer

For all compounds threshold-level of action The compound should have known health effects. For one compound only benzene the characterization was compounds was collected if available. In this phase about based on the evaluation of risk for cancer for the entire population than on compounds were to be selected for further analysis. Susceptible subpopulations considered in the present characterization were excluded using the following criteria: No expressed concerns for were: Finally a list of compounds, consisting of 5 compounds were selected for more detailed risk analyses.

Based on IARC revision of pollutants was assessed combining the information of the prevalence of formaldehyde carcinogenicity, the expert group in the current study pollutants in European homes with the available knowledge of adverse recommended a guideline value, which should be as low as reasonably health effects that these compounds had been linked to in toxicological or regiome.

Management options include restrict emissions of epidemiological studies. Nearly all key-studies referred to in the present systems responding to abnormally high concentrations e.

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Key-studies were summarised treating effects of short- sufficient local extract ventilation in kitchens with gas stove. One-page fact sheets resuming the most Benzene: As benzene is a carcinogen therefore its indoor air relevant toxicological properties were created for each compound. Also concentration should be kept as low as reasonably achievable and not key-study tables were written, where the reported concentration exceed outdoor concentrations. Management options are to ban benzene measures average, adjusted etc.

Where relevant, Management option is to restrict the use of naphthalene containing studies conducted on susceptible sub-populations e.

libretto gravidanza regione toscana pdf writer – PDF Files

Not found to be a priority compound at present, – Should new information about sources, concentrations or National Survey on Indoor health effects emerge, this could change the situation. Proceedings of Healthy Buildings Xylenes, and Toluene: Not found to be a priority compound atSingapore, 7th International Conference on Healthy Buildings, present, because inhalation exposure levels were much lower than the Vol.

Should new information about sources, Jantunen M. Styrene has also been discussed for a Kuopio, Finland. Tables and There are insufficient toxicological data available to introduction and carbon monoxide findings. Proceedings of the recommend a guideline value. Considering its widespread use Vol 4, There are insufficient toxicological data available to H. Interaction with ozone causing outdoor BTX levels in German cities. The Science of the Total biologically active products is suspected.

Considering its widespread use Environment, Journal of Exposure Analysis and following general recommendations and management options apply to Environmental Epidemiology, 10, Journal of Exposure Analysis and relevant professional organizations; Ban tobacco smoking in all indoor Environmental Epidemiology, 5 3 Raise public awareness on the hazards Wallace L.


Personal exposures, indoor- the construction of attached garages, and to isolate the garages from outdoor air concentrations of 25 volatile organic compounds. The Right to Healthy Indoor Air. The results of the INDEX project provide guidance for policy makers about indoor air pollutants that should be regulated and gives recommendations how to manage their risks. Mosconi Bruinen De Bruin Y. Personal Ospedali Riuniti di Bergamo, Bergamo carbon monoxide exposure levels: Questa scheda do- Igiene Industriale e Medicina del Lavoro: Inventario degli agenti chimici, alcuni esempi plicazione del D.

Scheda delle indagini di Igiene Industriale, alcuni esempi Il modello di valutazione proposto di seguito prevede due fasi temporalmente distinte. Scheda di sintesi degli indici di Rischio per Mansione, alcuni esempi ti chimici, con una media di lavoratori per azienda range Sono state individuate e valutate sostanze: Si ritiene importante sostanza.

La valutazione del livello di rischio viene ricondotta ai seguenti giu- Nano G. Al modello illustrato hanno aderito 19 aziende chimiche della Bartolucci G. Fase dei Focus Group: Fase delle interviste semi-strutturate: Simone Gari, simonegari yahoo. Cosa rende una situazione rischiosa?. The number of building injuries and professional 1. Percezione del rischio health disease make evidence of safety problems in this field.

The aims of this study is to investigate construction workers risk Tabella I. Grado di rischio perception and representation. Which are the risk? Which risk is perceived as more dangerous? These are some question this study try to give an answer, asking about worker perception and representation of risk.

Qualitative analysis shows which are the meanings workers use when they talk about risk, underlining the influence of personal, group, organizational and cultural variables. Fattori influenti terviste semistrutturate sono state analizzate secondo un approccio quali- tativo che cerca di intercettare i modi attraverso cui le persone fornisco- Fattori Fretta: La tabella III ne mostra gli esiti.

Rischi in edilizia miche dei gruppi di lavoro, che caratterizzano le rappresentazioni degli operai edili. Individuo, gruppo, organizzazione sono i sog- Parole chiave: In this frame, a Regional working 2 Fischoff B.

Priority scenarios have been selected and the main gical risks and benefits.

Policy Sciences, ; 9: A 3 Slovic P. Risk as analy- value for each variable gravixanza been defined. The sum of these values allows sis and risk as feelings: Risk analysis, ; Risk perception of off- protective devices, training and education and equipment conditions. Risk analysis,; Risk Index is calculated as the product of EI per a toxicity index, 1: