Gebrauchsanweisung für lexmark downloads zum download und ausdrucken als PDF oder die Bedienungsanleitung Edn/dw, Xn MFP, Xn. Recent Lexmark C questions, problems & answers. Language on the LCD display of the Lexmark xn appears to be in Chinese how do I get it back to. Display Easy Creation Gcseries Tw P1 Service Manual Lexmark Xn .. Users Manual Pdf File User Manual Bedienungsanleitung Guide Dutilisation.

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Laser notice The printer is certified in the U. The manufacturer is not responsible for safety in the event of use of unauthorized replacement parts.

It is divided into the following chapters: General information contains a general description of the printer and the maintenance approach used to repair it.

Special tools and test equipment, as well as general environmental and safety instructions, are discussed. A note provides additional information. A warning identifies something that might damage the product hardware or software. There are several types of caution statements: Maintenance approach Bedienungsanleitungg diagnostic information in this manual leads you to the correct field replaceable unit FRU or part.

Use the error code charts, symptom index, and service checks to determine the symptom and repair the bedienungsnaleitung. There is no font card support. Never mix media types within a tray.


Tools The removal and adjustment procedures require the following tools and equipment: Unplug power from the MFP before connecting or disconnecting bedenungsanleitung cable, assembly, or electronic card.

This is a precaution for personal safety and to prevent damage to the MFP. This chapter contains the codes and diagnostic tools to aid in providing corrective action for a malfunctioning MFP. Paper Verify that the mylar feed strips are properly positioned on the ADF. If the clear mylar strips are damaged, replace the Lexmakr. Exits a menu and returns to Ready. Start – Start a copy, scan, or fax job. Press a second bedienungsanlleitung to hang up the line. Keypad – Enter numbers, letters, or symbols on the display Shortcuts – Enters the shortcut screen Address Book – Access the stored phone numbers.

Lexmark X203n Servise Manual

Not all menus or selections will be available in all situations. These are accessed through the driver. Paper Menu Reports Default Source If the issue is not fixed, replace the controller board. Printhead service errors Received request for unsupported No action needed. This topic provides a list of all printer messages, explains what they mean, and tells how to clear the messages.


The following actions can be taken: Once the error is displayed the first time, reporting of further errors is suppressed until the printer is reset or menus are entered. When you make voltage readings, always use frame ground unless another ground is specified. Inspect the ribbon cable connection on CIS for proper connection.

If connector J15 is properly connected, verify the following voltages on the controller card. Make sure a print cartridge assembly is installed and the cover closes all the way, engaging the cover open switch lever.

Action Cover interlock switch Check the cover interlock cable to make sure it is not plugged into J9, and that the cooling fan cable is not plugged ito J Ensure correct fuser is installed.

Action Measure the resistance of the thermistor. The resistance measures from approximately 1K ohms immediately after printing or POR to approximately K ohms when thermistor reaches room temperature. For more network troubleshooting information, consult the Lexmark Network Setup Guide.

Go to step 6. Go to step 7. Make sure the cable is plugged in securely. Check all the sensors for dirt.

Pins 3, and 4 should be ground. Make sure the flag is operating freely and is correctly installed. If the sheet being fed stops momentarily, the ACM applies additional vertical force causing additional sheets to feed. Do not mix paper types. Paper pick tires Check the tires in the ACM assembly for signs of wear or damage. Ensure cover is closed tightly. This is more noticeable as the toner cartridge nears end-of-life.

If the problem continues, install a new toner cartridge.


Recheck condition before replacing PC Kit if necessary. If the setting is not in your driver, you can download the correct Lexmark setup utility from the Lexmark Web site at www. Go to step 2. Go to the disable scanner menu item.

POR the machine into configuration mode. Remove the printer cartridge and photo conductor. Use a spring hook to remove the springs A holding the deflector assembly in place.

Tilt the assembly up and pull it out of the printer. Ring tone volume for incoming faxes too low Replace controller card.

Lexmark X203N Service Manual

Document does not feed in the ADF. Go to step Try sending a fax using a dial prefix. Did the fax transmit?

Is the fax failing to send to one specific Go to step Properly connect the phone line to the Problem resolved. Enter the Fax Go to step Verify the remote device number is not in the Banned Fax List user setting. Is the remote device number in the banned fax list? Remove the remote number from the This will aid your next level of support in diagnosing the problem before replacing the controller board.


Do not replace the controller board unless directed by your next level of support. If possible determine whether a PostScript or PCL file was sent to the device when the error occured. Ask the customer which Lexmark Solutions applications are installed on the device. Reinstall the memory, and send a print job to the Go to step Install a Lexmark recommended memory option. Send Go to step Problem a print job to the device. Contact your next level of Go to step Problem support for the correct firmware level to use.

You will need the following information for them: Diagnostic aids This chapter explains the tests and procedures to identify printer failures and verify repairs have corrected the problem. Accessing service menus There are different test menus that can be accessed during POR to identify problems with the printer. When a diagnostic test is selected from the main menu, a sub menu displays and each individual test displays in the order shown.

Lexmark x54x To print the Quick Test page: Print the Quick Test Page on letter or A4 paper. The contents of the Print Test Page vary depending on the media installed in the selected input source. Any installed input tray can be tested.

The pages fed through the printer are blank. To run the Feed Test: This setting reduces speed pages per minutebut can be used to reduce curl of printed media and improve stacking in the output bin. The range is 0 default to Adjusting by one results in 9 mm of increased gap. Auto Dark Adjust This setting attempts to optimize the amount of toner used when printing with a specific operating point.

To print the event log: The following tests are available. ADF paper present – This test can be used to test the paper present sensor. Open and closed are the two states of the sensor.