Multi. pb01, Technic, Brick 1 x 2 with Hole and Yellow Arrows Pointing Down on Both Sides (Stickers) – Set (Common Combination of Parts – May Not. LEGO set database: Control Centre II. Set number: ; Name: Control Centre II; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Technical; Theme: Technic; Year. View LEGO instructions for TECHNIC Control II set number to help you build these LEGO sets.

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Depression of the Control Center raises the helicopter. There is a battery compartment on the bottom which holds 6 C ttechnic batteries LR14 in series, producing a total of 9 volts DC. Steering The hidden rear wheel can be steering using a second motor in the body.

The axle at the center of this spur gear shown in yellow is coupled to the gimbal shown in green with a pair of liftarms such that rotation of the axle directly produces rotation of the gimbal. Note in the photographs that a number of wires have to be carefully routed through this area without interfering with the motion of the parts. The use of belts rather than gears allows the pulleys to slip rather than stall the motor when the helicopter hits the stops.

This dinosaur presumably a Tyrannosaur is one of my favorite models ever. This is due to the fact that the yellow coupling attaches to the inner linkage one stud further from the rotation axis than it does to the outer linkage. Both linkages are attached to ground at the structural tower shown in blue and are each pinned there on two axes. The use of belts rather than gears allows the pulleys to slip rather than stall the motor if the resistance becomes too high.

The second pulley drives a worm gearbox hidden. Once a memory is selected, you can push Program and the system will record your inputs, including duration, and including pauses. Image by Benjamin Wendl Click for an animation of the helicopter pitching.

  ACS108 6SN PDF

Fan and Drive System. This can be further appreciated in the animation. Control Center Helicopter Dinosaur Boat. Tecbnic third model, and airboat, is not nearly as inspired as the other two but is still an excellent model. The total gear reduction is 3: This allows it to be powered from a wall plug instead of using up dozens of batteries. Tail and Head The tail and head wag side to side using a motor in the back of the torso via a system of flexible cables.

The lower path drives into a 24 tooth spur and then a pair of 12 tooth bevel gears. When the Control Center is lifted, the helicopter descends into a gentle landing on the attached landing pad. The gearbox both drives and supports a 24 tooth spur gear. Image gechnic Benjamin Wendl Click for an animation of the helicopter rolling.

This is a reasonable assumption since a creature ldgo such a massive head would need to use the tail for counter balance.


Because of the ,ego steering angle and the fact that the steering is located in the rear, the model can turn on a very tight radius. Each stage of drive belt results in a reduction of about 3: Click for an animation of the drive system in motion.

Both the head and the tail form a pull-pull loop. The lower set of pictures shows the oego geometry of the legs which mimics the estimated musculature of a real creature.

Elevation change is the only non-motorized function of the model. Fan and Drive System The model is supported on three hidden tires behind the skirt, two in the front and one in the rear.

Instructions For LEGO 8485 TECHNIC Control II

The inner linkage is made mostly from gray beams and support the helicopter. The cranks oscillate the blue arms up and down. A worm gearbox in the body allows roll port and starboard about 20 degrees. It couples the motion of the inner and outer linkages, connecting to them at the pins shown in legk. Click for an animation of the head and tail in motion.


Lego Technic Control Center 8485 -rarit├Ąt-

Pitch The pitch of the helicopter is motorized and controllable via the side to side motion of the control pad. The movement is quite slow thanks to the total gear reduction of 3: As can be seen in the computer image, the high speed motor drives through 3 different silicone belts red. Click to download the LDraw file of this model. The head and tail are linked together so pego they move in unison. A comparison of the images at the two extreme positions shows the change in muscle and tendon geometry.

Items of the same color remain parallel throughout motion which keeps the helicopter mount perpendicular to the ground.

The arms and jaw are linked together so texhnic they move in unison. Tecnic flex axle connects here shown in yellow and attaches to the movable upper jaw. Click for an animation of the rotors in motion. The computer image shows the horizontal links in black and the vertical links in red. I wouldn’t want to roll much further than this 84485 a helicopter. Arms and Jaw The arms swing up and down and the jaw opens and closes using a motor in the front of the tecchnic.

As can be seen in the computer image, the high speed motor drives through a silicone belt blue. Firstly, it is a Technic model which is not a piece of machinery which makes it a rare breed indeed. The use of belts rather than gears allows the pulleys to slip rather than stall the motor when the dinosaur bends fully.