The 13th Penal Legion, also known as the Last Chancers, is a Penal Legion of the Imperial Guard. However, rather than being simply a general punishment unit . Last Chancers has ratings and 22 reviews. T.j. said: Kage was a marine, untell a blackout sends him to the last chancers. now he must fight literally. The Last Chancers is a trilogy of novels set in the Warhammer universe written by Gav Thorpe. The novels in the series are named 13th Legion, Kill .

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Treat the unit as a veteran squad with the Forward Sentries upgrade.

The Last Chancers have the same starting equipment as the Veteran Squad but replace their lasguns with laspistols. Each Chancer has personal equipment in addition to their chancera equipment. All close combat attacks directed at Schaeffer suffer a -1 from to their roll.

The Last Chancers – 1d4chan

If Hero is slain he doe not die, but through force of will stays alive and lashes out at the enemy. He will ignore all further damage and can fight, move and assault as normal. He will expire from his injures at the end of the last chancers next turn. If Brains is slain chzncers Ox will go berserk, doubling his strength and toughness for the rest of the game. Also Ox must assault the enemy if they are within his assault range.

Move through cover Sneak Attack: Player has the option of keeping Shiv in reserve even if the reserve rule is not being used.

Last Chancers by Gav Thorpe

When Shiv arrives place him anywhere lastt the table and have him take his movement, shooting and assault phases as normal. If he assaults an enemy unit on the turn he appears treat his initiative as 6 in the following combat.


Scope can target any model in his line of sight. When firing upon a squad he may assign the wound to whichever model he desires.

The Last Chancers

Grease monkey will take the role of driver for any vehicle the last chancers use. He will not, however, repair ally tanks for them as he and the other last chancers are focused solely on achieving their object not assisting the other forces in their confrontation.

Roll two dice when rolling to see if targeted vehicle is damage, use the highest value. When a unit fires at Rocket girl the hit can be assigned to Fingers chacners he is still alive and within 2 inches of her.

If any unit sets up or arrives within 4D6 of Animal than their arrival is detected by the instrument. Any Last Chancer with range and line of sight can fire upon the detected unit before it takes its shooting phase. When Warrior Woman assaults she can add 3 inches to her assault movement and adds 2 attacks rather than 1. The last chancers can either be used as a veteran squad of a suicide force, when being used as a veteran squad follow these rules: When used in this manner the Last Chancers form a unit and they count as squad members.

Ignore the all special rules save those of Schaeffer and Ox, the Last Chancers possess all their standard and personal equipment. As long as Schaeffer is still alive the Last Chancers are Fearless.

The Last Chancers can be used in this manner for any imperial army in which they count as an troop selection.

The squad has the move through cover, infiltration, and scouts universal rules. The last chancers can either be used as a veteran squad of a suicide force, when being used as a suicide force follow these rules: In this incarnation the last chancers are using the confusion of a dhancers to achieve their objective, this goal is known only to them.


Colonel Schaeffers Last Chancers

Each model is an independent character that cannot join a squad, but may group together as a unit. All last chancers will have the fearless rule as long as Schaeffer is still alive. All models also possess chancesr move through cover, infiltrate, and scout special rules and set cuancers only after all other units have been placed on both sides. The player controlling the last chancers then picks a following objective to complete during the game.

Write down the objective, but conceal it from your opponent. Treat a game with the last chancers as two separate battles for determining the victor, perhaps a third player could even take control the Chancers. It is possible for the last chancers to complete their object and their allies to lose and vice ad versa.

If the objective is rendered unviable due to the actions of the Last Chancers allies, i. If the Last Chancers are killed to a man but succeed in the accomplishing the objective then game is considered a draw – while this may seem counter-intuitive for a suicide force it is done to represent the fact that the Last Chancers are there to complete their mission and not aid their allies at the cost of their lives after completing their goal.

When using the Last Chancers as a Suicide Force I decided to pair them with an ally army so the could be involved in normal games without a lot of mission customization to accommodate the team.

It is advisable to use the Last Chancers independent of an ally in specially designed missions so the small force has to take on an entire army by themselves. Warhammer 40, Proposed Rules.