This basketball article reviews and discusses coach Lason Perkins’ DVD and the Horns offense, or A-SET offense. Apparently you can run this with 4th grade! Every NBA team now runs the horns offense also known as the A set (the starting positions. Lason Perkins expands on the Horns Offense in this comprehensive APP of the popular international offense. It includes over 30 actions that can be run out of.

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Already have an account? Or sign in with Facebook or Don’t have an account? Partner with Whistle and a Clipboard podcast. Plays for Shooters Free Valencia is a professional basketball team based in Spain.

The link is copied to the clipboard Pffense link. Perkins shows multiple plays for shooters, post players, and pick and roll actions that can be run effec Cricket Batting Bowling Fielding Fundamentals.

Sign up now to save and share your favorite plays, follow coach contributors, and receive exclusive content and offers via email. Mental Training Personal Development. Recreational Billiards Bowling Scuba Diving. Here is a set utilized by the national team from The Netherlands during a recent game against Austria in the Eurobasket qualifying tournament.

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Basketball Offense – Horns Offense, Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Coaching and Playbook

Course Contents 1 Introduction Free Please enter the email address for your account. View all courses in “basketball”. An email has been sent to the email address below. International game footage is included. Please enter your Coupon: Fundamentals by Tom Kelsey.

Post Player Quarterback by Better Basketball. Wrestling Coaching Wrestling Wrestling Moves. Perkins shows multiple plays for shooters, post players, and pick and roll actions that can be run effectively from this lffense. China used this action from the Horns set to set up a post up in their recent group game against Serbia. Nigeria ran this action in their group game against Lithuania.

Horns Offense – with Lason Perkins

View all courses in “basketball” Related Courses. Perkins begins offende the basic set and actions for the offense. Don’t have an account? If we have this on file, we will send an email containing a code that you will enter on the next page. Already have an account?

Horns Offense

Hirns is a spread pick and roll set used by Khimki during the season. The video also allows you to print pdf files from your computer that you can take the court or hand out as ofense playbook.

Or sign up with Facebook or Already have an account? About Lason Perkins Coach Lason Perkins has worked at the high school, college, and semi-pro level for over 20 years.


It starts with a double high post at the three-point line and shooters in the corners. Student of the game and life.

Another drill that teaches a variety of defensive fundamentals. Once you have reset your password, you can return to the login screen to retrieve your renewal information. You just booked “Horns Offense”. Here is a set used by Jim Christian while at Ohio U.

Yoga Core Training Fundamentals. He has also created over 20 instructional DVDs and offese books on basketball offenses. BC Nizhny Novgorod is a professional basketball club based in Russia.

Lason Perkins

Spain utilized this set to get Juan Carlos Navarro a open look during their group game against Argentina. A quick way to create separation for the ball screener out of a floppy action. This drill teaches a variety of fundamental defensive skills such as jump to the ball and closeouts.