Manu Larcenet’s masterpiece, “Blast” wraps up with its fourth volume, as the truth comes out, the case concludes, and nobody’s happy. Grasse carcasse has ratings and 65 reviews. Goran said: Polza je ekstremno debeo pisac koji živi relativno rutinskin životom. Tako biva sve dok mu . Emmanuel Larcenet, known as Manu Larcenet (born May 6, in Issy-les- Moulineaux, . Volume 1, (). Blast (Dargaud, ). Grasse Carcasse, ( ).

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Posted by Bart Croonenborghs on September 23rd, at 5: Manu Larcenet is one of the greats of the current French vogue of comic artists.

Manu Larcenet: Back on the Scene With a Blast! « The Comics Journal

I wrote an extensive profile on him at Brokenfrontier. Polza leads a mundane life in a mundane body. He breaks with his previous life of banality and doles through the countryside, looking for ways to experience the Blast again.

Seated in an interrogation room being interrogated by the police, Polza is suspected of doing something to a woman; that something being part of the suspense.


He recounts his life, starting with the death of his father as to make the path to larcenef crime clear for all involved including the reader. Since he is obviously delusional, the police are lenient towards this big hulk of larcwnet man in letting him recount his story in the vain hope of clues floating below the surface.

Blast – Europe Comics

For Blasthe uses a similar psycho-analytical approach, de-constructing the character right before our eyes. From his emotional downfall surrounding the death of his father to Polza trying to re-build his character by leaving his life behind and blat hobo, encountering a vagrant community in the forest. The art and storytelling approach take a radical left turn in Blast.

While Ordinary Victories published by NBM Publishing in the States and his other comics stayed nicely within the European comics format, Blast is a pages hardcover at a smaller size — more akin to the American comics format but a bit more square — and proceeds at a glacial pacing.

The big splashpages and many scenes without words, Polza wobbling through the forest, out of his mind; remind one more of manga storytelling but infused with a European sensibity.


Blast is projected to be the first of 5 volumes.

Until this is published in English, here is your treat of the day though, a YouTube video of Blast:. Blast by Manu Larcenet.

This entry was posted on Thursday, September 23rd, at 5: Galleries Main Gallery Cartoon Interviews. Back on the Scene With a Blast! Until this is published in English, here larceney your treat of the day though, a YouTube video of Blast: Josh Simmons David Roberston: The Craft Behind Cerebus: Egypt, Country of Clay Latin America: The Co s mic Race: Going Underground in the Thirties Sweden: The New Serieteket Italy: The Girl and the Gorilla Belgium: Moebius exhibition in Paris.