Jagadodharana Adisidale Yasode: Purandaradasa .. Note: The kriti lyrics and the details about the kriti have been taken from Jagadodharana · Yashoda Krishna. Yashoda and Krishna – who doesn’t .. Footnote (Lyrics): Pallavi jagadOddAraNa ADisidaLe yashOde. JagadOddhAraNa ADisidaLe yashOde (Jagadodhaarana) jagadOddhAraNa maganendu tiLiyuta suguNAnta ranganA AdisidaLe yashOde.

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Hi, Nice blog concept – followed it here from the Carnatica rasika forum. The latter, of course, is well known for Thaye Yashoda, in Todi.

Thanks for correcting me sir. I had been under the mistaken impression. Pls do provide your feedback on further posts also.

Hello Vishy, This Blog is just awesome. Radhe Radhe I always loved to listen to this song. Never knew the meaning. Thank you sir for your great service. May Lord Krishna shower His blessings jagdaodharana the growth of your blog.

I love listening to M. Thank you for a deeper understanding. I’m a drummer and will someday make a version with soprano sax. In all bhakti, it is the bhavam, that is important. Which is true pure love. Yashoda, the blessed soul, represented this in totality.

That love manifests as divinity and God Himself. One can feel your spiritual experience in your words. For a person born into a literate family and being an illiterate myself at Krithis, Keertanas, Bhakti, Bhaavam, etc kyrics i am sure this blog has sparked my interest towards the ultimate truth called nothing Jzgadodharana you so much for this. After reading the meaning I realize how apt her choice of song was for the occasion. Each child is made in the image of God.


Our children will save the world. Hi, First of all, thanks for this wonderful post!

The MS version of this song especially melts me! However, I think you have got the lines wrong for the Anupallavi. You might be able to explain better. Thanks and keep up the great work!

I enjoy MS Amma’s version who doesn’t. She was as blessed as Yashoda and through her evergreen voice, she blessed each and everyone of us, helping us get one step closer to the Lord. But I also love Bombay Jayashree’s version. May I request the meaning jagadodharans the kriti ‘ chandrasooda shiva shankara” of Purandaradaasaa pl.

I read this to my 1. Thanks for sharing with us. Sunday, February 13, Jagadodharana Adisidale Yasode: The kriti is all about the mother that Yasode is. And, her innocence in taking her son as her son and not seeing beyond it.


Who has got that kind of boon? Who has got this kind of ‘bagya’? The great lord, the one who is the saver of the world, who has saved the world in all his 10 avatars, is playing with Yasoda. And, yasode is playing with him purely as her son. The lord is full of virtues. He is the embodiment of all good characters.

Krithis, Their Meanings and the Stories They Tell: Jagadodharana Adisidale Yasode : Purandaradasa

He is the one who makes the world a good place to live. He ensures that the demons are killed and the sages are saved. But, Yasode is oblivious to all this. She is playing with him. Just as her son. Yasode is playing with the one whom even the vedas have not really found.


Jagadodharana | Music To My Ears

He is the one who cannot be counted. He is the one lgrics is bigger than everyone else. He is the one who is a gem amongst the children. But, Yasode is playing with him just as her son and no more than that.

He is the God of all the world. He is the Vittala of Pandarapura. He is the one who is being praised by Purandaradasa now. But, Yasode played with him without knowing who really He is.

She played with him just as a son. This “Purandara Vittala” as everyone knows, is Purandaradasa’s Mudra. This is similar to Dikshithar’s “Guruguha” and Shyama sastri’s “Shyama krishna” and Thyagaraja’s “Thyagaraja” type of mudras.

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