Hit Hard (Dragon One, book 2) by Amy J Fetzer – book cover, description, publication history. Blackwells. 2 books in this series. My Timeswept Heart. from: $ #1. Timeswept Rogue. from: $ #2. List View | Grid View. Books by Amy J. Fetzer . Over a decade ago, with a newborn and a three-year-old at the time, Amy had Hit Hard. Dragon One (Series). Amy J. Fetzer Author (). cover image of.

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Preview — Hit Hard by Amy J. Vivi Fiori wondered how the day could have gotten so bad so fast. One minute, she’s on a train moving through the Thai countryside, a precious archeological artifact in her hands; the next, she’s being chased through the jungle by the Thai mafia with some hardcore American marine right behind her, shouting orders like she should be grateful for his macho interference.

What Vivi needs is to get to her contact in Bangkok–warm shower, nice hotel, girly clothes, no dead bodies or sexy armed Marines. Her practical side is telling her to run like hell. Then again, her practical side never met a guy like Sam Wyatt Finding the terrorists who took down his buddy will be the icing on the cake. But now, he’s stuck babysitting a curvy, talk-a-mile-a-minute redhead who’s hell-bent on playing Indiana Jones with her piece of Thai history.

He can’t just abandon her to the snakes, the crocs, the Mafia, and whatever else is out there. She wouldn’t last ten seconds. And he can’t deny that everything about her stirs a deep hunger in him–or that the power of their attraction is so electric he knows he can never really let her go. Now, protecting Vivi is his new hi most dangerous yet–and one that will lead smy both to a deadly threat beyond all imagining Fetxer Market Paperbackpages.

Published July 1st by Kensington first published January 1st Vivi FioriSam Wyatt. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Hit Hardplease sign up.

Detailed Review Summary of Hit Hard by Amy J. Fetzer

Lists with This Book. Jul 06, ElaineY rated it did not like hxrd Shelves: Finally, I thought, a Dragon One book. Hit Hard is Book 3 in the Dragon One series. It had all the ingredients of a thrilling ride when I read the synopsis and I’m still shaking my head in puzzlement as to what happened to that promising story.

The start was confusing and though I read the first four chapters twice, I still found it vague and impossible to follow.

Hit Hard: Amy J. Fetzer: : Books

Having loved Naked Truth, I was so pleased to discover an auto-buy at last. That elation was short-lived after I found Perfect Weapon rather mediocre.

Now, with Hit Hard, Fetzer has become an auto-avoid. A pity, indeed, as the types of stories she writes are exactly what I like. What was wrong for me in Hit Hard? Perhaps I wasn’t ready fetzr the change of tone. I loved the edgy, serious tone of Naked Truth but Hit Hard came dangerously close to chick lit.


The heroine was irritating and the scenes involving her were farcical.

Amy J. Fetzer

Since I love the romance-adventure genre, the thought of agents, weapons and gems together in one story was irresistible and Hit Hard should have been a hit with me. Unfortunately, it was simply messy and pretentious and was neither a romantic suspense nor a romantic comedy.

Like Fetzer was trying too hard after Naked Truth and lost her way somewhere, forgetting which genre she was writing for. There were also a major error in the book about the countries and people which I found inexcusable just google it, people even if an author had never set foot in Sri Lanka. Oct 02, MostlyDelores rated it liked it Shelves: Good, action-y, ridiculous story. Square-jawed good-guy Americans, evil diplomats, WMDs, exotic locales – it could have been great.

There were some editorial issues though, some punctuation that made no sense, POV jumping, and sentence fragments galore and I know from sentence fragments. Plus it was a bit too much like the previous book in this series which made parts of it predictable.

Aug 19, AliciaJ rated it it was ok Shelves: The dialogue was snappy, a bit over the top, but funny. Until I hit around page Then the whole thing just became tedious and boring. I felt like I was slogging through in the effort to get to the end. There were so many POV changes that I got tired of trying to remember who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. The dialogue wasn’t funny anymore, it was irritating.

Around pageI had to convince myself to just finish the darn thing since I didn’t have that much farther to go. I felt cheated instead of satisfied when I did finally reach the end, mainly because the supposed HEA just didn’t pay off for me.

All that work I did for such a little return, ferzer know? I usually really like Amy Fetzer’s books, but this one just didn’t do it for me.

Aug 25, Teri rated it really liked it. I realized after finishing this book that it is hadr of a series, but the story can definitely stand alone. From the very beginning this book was non-stop action! There was so much going on that I found it to be a quick read. I found myself backtracking and rereadi I realized after finishing this book that it is 2 of a series, but the story can definitely stand alone.

I found myself backtracking and rereading to clarify who was fetzet. However, the main characters are engaging and the female lead has many layers and is someone we all can identify with in one way or another. Hey, what woman wouldn’t lust after an independantly contracted hot ex-marine on a top secret mission that she coincidentally crosses paths with? Feb 27, SweetSue rated it it was amazing. I particularly liked how smart Viva was and how once the guys realized what she knew, they accepted her comments and ideas and then put her plan into place.

Sam was fabulous – he was attracted to her, but not sleazy about it, and very willing to think about long term. No manho or commitment-phobe here. They are open with their affection too, but thankfully no fetzee of them being intimate in public or the other guys seeing her under clothed.


The suspense was very suspenseful! Lots of ch So good. Lots of characters to keep track of, foreign names, deep undercover and double crossers, so you have to work at it a bit, but the story flowed and there was just one main plot which helped. My first Amy Fetzer, but I’ll be going back for more. Feb 13, LizBookAddict rated it did not like it. I really thought Ms Fetzer would improve on this one and the reviews for the rest of the series tells the same disapponting story.

I don’t even fezer to finish this series. Darn, I really wanted to like this author but she did not seem to take note much of what everyone was critisizing constructively, mind you about and just motored on mistake after mistake bad character developments, shelving it as romance with barely to none-at all romance, ricochet POV’s and the editing and gramm 1. Darn, I really wanted to like this author but she did not seem to take note much of what everyone was critisizing constructively, mind you about and just motored on mistake after mistake bad character developments, shelving it as romance with barely to none-at all romance, ricochet POV’s and the editing and grammer errors etc.

There is so much potential yet no move nit improve. Sep 14, Jamie rated it liked it. I Liked this book, but I have to admit it was hard to follow at times. There were so many players and the names were foreign. I got easily confused. There was alot of yard back and forth with time. One thing would happen then then next section would be prior to that one that you just read.

It was one of those books that you got in the end and all was cleared up but you stay somewhat confused throughout the whole book. Jun 23, Hti rated it really liked it. The book was intriguing, however I am spoiled with my Kindle. I had to read a paperback of this book because it is the only book in this series not published in e-format. Why publish the first, third, fourth and fifth book in e-format and not the second.

Who thinks the cost of e-books are getting exorbitant? Nov 05, Indya Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. I loved this book and I wish there was some sort of sequal! The main characters viva and Sam are so intensely into each other you can feel all the emotion jumping to you right off the page. I love witty characters and they all have a bit o’ wit especially in some of the dangers scenes it lightens the mood just enough for you to crack a smile even when they’re getting shot at!

A good read for anyone who loves action romance! Jul 08, Hildegart rated it it was ok.