Swami Hariharananda Aranya is little known outside the close circle of his disciples. He did not care for public encomiums nor did he ever try to bring others to. Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali with Bhasvati by Hariharananda Aranya, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Results 1 – 9 of 9 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Hariharananda-Aranya books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 million titles.

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To serve as objective field to Purusha, is the essence or nature of the knowable. In the immediately precceding verse Y. The sixth non-particular viz.

Swami Hariharananda Aranya

The initial grade of the dispassion i. It Samyama is to be applied to the stages of practice. And also the realization of one’s own consciousness is accomplished.

Yoga consists, according to Patanjala Yoga Sutra, in the restriction of the transformations of consciousness. Certainly this knowledge is qualitatively different hariharsnanda from sense-perception and rational one.

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This goes on endlessly until the consciousness is arrested by yogic practices. Coordination of the modern sciences and the mystic experiences only will lead towards the assimilation of western and eastern thought”.

Here another means towards the samadhi or “samprajiiata yoga” is stated, according to which the Lord by being moved by the self-surrender of the yogi, bestows the samadhi upon him. The hindrances being removed by the causes, the nature impenetrates by itself.

Such a state of their’s though similar to isolation is certainly not eternal in nature. Kapilasramiya Patanjala Yoga Darsana is his one of the well known works. Revered Swamiji wrote several books, the product of his meditation and realisation, in Sanskrit and Bengali. It is through dispassion whenever there is diminution of the power of subliminal impressions of dispassionthere is the non-functioning upon their part and because of their non-functioning they get dissolved.


It is only because of the lust, covetousness and thirst there is remembrance of the experienced pleasures of previously experienced pleasures, such a state of consciousness is considered as attachment. And, therefore, for further advancement in the process of samapatti the transcendence of these constraining factors is deemed necessaiy and which is termed as “smrti parisuddhi” – the doing away of the memory of acquired experiences and the patterns or methods of acquiring knowledge and experiences.

By practising Samyama On the heart, knowledge of the mind is acquired. It is through “I-am-ness” haruharananda is imposed on thiug that is “non-self 1 ; it is owing to the attachment and passion the impure son, wife etc. By virtue of the cause being limitless and because of the infiniteness of mater ial cause, therefore, the unsurpassable greatness of that thing. For their stoppage i. This verse indicates that Sri Hariharananda Aranya is the supporter of the view that Harihagananda was the first propounder of Yoga.

What is true of the relation among the sub-grades of lower variety of dispassion is also true of the relation between lower apara and higher para levels of dispassion. It elucidates Yogic concepts and practices yariharananda verse form described in Yoga SutTa.

Full text of ” Yogakarika Of Hariharananda Aranya Swami Maheshananda Kaivalya Dham ” See other formats “Western thought is, in essence, the result of modern sciences, whereas, the eastern thought is mainly based on the spiritual and yogic experiences of the mystics.

And therefore, as soon as the word sound “cow” is heard or uttered we take it for the object “cow” and for the knowledge the word signifies.



Differentiating knowledge of the self and the non-self comes from practising Samyama arana moment and its sequence. Here no finality can be claimed but this much we are sure arahya no stones arc left unturned in presenting the English Translation of Yoga Karika with clarity and precision.

The term “visoka” literary means non-painful devoid of pain. In modem times, we write Sanikhya – Yoga with hyphen but for Hariharananda Aranya these two can not be conceived in separation.

Please, do not fill this field! Piakrti the mother nature is said to be the material cause of jnanasakti i. Hariharannda that arises immunity from Dvandvas or opposite conditions. The examples are “non-existence” “infinite” “the head of the Rahu”, “consciousness of the purusa ” etc.

India and South Asian Studies Yoga. Thus citta as conceived in this science is said to be constituted of samskara and pratyayas. There was no provision for a light to mitigate the darkness of the night. Avidya should be known as misconceived knowledge about the real nature of the objects because it is always of those persiving objects which are impure, non-eternal, non-self such as one’s own body and body of son etc. Thus araanya prana-samyama consists mainly in praccardana- vidharana of the prana and due to the regular and continuous practice hariharaanda mind attains to the state of steadiness.