First published in and out of print for the past 40 years (except for a handsome limited edition from Centipede Press), Guy Endore’s “The. The Werewolf of Paris. Guy Endore .. But in the torrid atmosphere of Paris, a nodding acquaintance ripens quickly to intimacy. At any rate among Americans. The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore – book cover, description, publication history.

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The wolfman myth is especially intrigui Werewolves are enjoying a fine romp across current literature and cinema. Why are cows on the menu and not horses and cats? In a work that strives to do for werewolves what Stoker’s Dracula did for vampires, Endore’s werewolf, an outcast named Bertrand Caillet, travels round seeking to calm the beast within.

Our tale truly begins, however, when Josephine, a young peasant girl newly arrived in Paris, is raped by a priest, a descendant of the last of the Pitamonts, and bears Bertrand, a child destined to bring forth the family curse. The novel doesn’t gloss over the original legendary nature of werewolves as savage, uncontrollable and dangerous, not just smexy men running in a pack with a furry problem Whether they should be considered people while in wolf form is a question not addressed in this book, but I think it is an interesting question nonetheless.

Aug 18, Sandy rated it it was amazing. Refresh and try again. But there is one thing that the werewolf, and perhaps only the werewolf, can do: There were chapters that were VERY engaging and interesting, peppered with a few that had a bunch of background historical information that both was and wasn’t relevant to the telling of the tale.

Years later, as a young man, Caillet runs away to Paris, to continue his depredations in a more populous arena, but at a most inauspicious time: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The novel is actually mainly concerned with lycanthropy as a metaphor for human viciousness, and especially for the horrors of war and revolution much of the action takes place during the Franco-Prussian War of and the subsequent violence and civil war surrounding the establishment of the Paris Commune.

The werewolf mayhem is not as well written as the creepy passages in Stoker, limiting the scare factor of this novel.

When a wolf starts terrorising their village, his uncle Aymar starts to believe that there is more to Bertrand’s violent mood swings than meets the eye. In a series of sketches we are aquiainted with the social injustice rampant at the times, with the creative ways the French always had of eating ‘disgusting’ things, with the mob rule that surpasses rational thought in times of great distress.


You will be taken captive by the very first sentences of this unnerving legend of man-monster Bertrand. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. What we have here is a supernatural creature going on a rampage in an urban environment, with a sideline romance thrown in, but the novel comes closer in style to the 19 Century Gothic than to Millenial teenage angst.

Guy Endore’s ‘The Werewolf of Paris’ is rightly considered a classic of horror and being published in as one of the first literary treatments of lycanthropy. That goes for damn near all of the characters, not just Bertrand. I found the characters of Sophie and Barral well rounded, if a little predictable, and the resolution well suited to the larger drama enfolding in the city.

The pitiful final fate of Bertrand Caillet will surely move most readers, too. Man, the body with the erect spine, before which the horizontal spines of the animal world must grovel. This only has limited efficacy and soon more drastic measures need to be taken.

Endore humanizes the man and shows that he doesn’t really enjoy what he is but what is he to do? Aug 22, Ghe Thingvall rated it it was amazing. This footnote affected me more profoundly than anything else in the novel. Stunning in its sexual frankness and eerie, fog-enshrouded visions, this nove In a work that strives to do for werewolves what Stoker’s Dracula did for vampires, Endore’s werewolf, an outcast named Werewopf Caillet, travels round seeking to calm the beast within.

Versailles retaliated with nineteen hundred. Certainly Bertrand exudes a sort of magnetism much is made of his eyes and the sexual elements are most definitely there.

The Werewolf of Paris

It is so beautifully rendered it took me a while to finish reading it, not because I found it hard or boring but for the old cliche of not wanting it to end. Endore stresses how much we are all the playthings of dark impulses beyond our understanding.

He perverted the act of love by making it an act of violence and now, instead of leading his flock to eternal life, he leads innocent beasts to their deaths.


Caillet is later raised by Aymar Galliez, the nephew of the woman who had hired the peasant girl as a maid, and his notes on Caillet, purportedly found many years later by the author, form the kernel of this tale. We also sympathize with guu uncle who follows him to Paris, conflicted by his love for laris adopted son and guilt over the deaths caused by him.

He struggles with I really love werewolf novels. He is the enemy within. What was a werewolf who had killed a couple of prostitutes, who had dug up a few corpses, compared with these bands of tigers slashing at each other with daily increasing ferocity!

He is gradually killing her by drinking her blood. Man, the body with the erect spine, before which the horizontal spines of the animal must grovel. But I skimmed those parts, and enjoyed the rest for the most part. This book is not the modern fare of smouldering alpha male, but I sense it is a work tha This book has a slow start and occasional disjointed jumping in the middle of the narrative, but once it gets going it is a riveting story set against an intriguing historical backdrop.

The sources for Frankenstein and Dracula were easy enough to discover, but what’s the equivalent for werewolves? Likewise, it is a little light on the typical trappings of the werewolf legend turning under the full moon, silver bullets, wolfsbane, etc. Each type of love is perverted into a horrid travesty of itself.

Bookslut | The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore

The narrator purports to be a researcher, seeking clues and evidence for the story of Bertrand from eyewitness accounts and journals. There was something savage inside of him straining to get out. The story takes place during mid 19th century France and the climax of the book happens around the collapse of the Paris Commune. She plays with his hair and murmurs: Return to Book Page. And that is a good thing. werewlf

I at once sympathized with and despised Bertrand, I was appropriately horrified by his relationship with young and beautiful Sophie as well as his mother