Fundamental Amplifier Techniques with Electron Tubes is the English translation of Fundamentele versterkertechniek met elektronenbuizen. Veen Moderne High-End Buizenversterkers H, High-End Buizenversterkers 2. H2.)4 Rudolf Moers Fundamentele versterkertechniek met elektronenbuizen. amplifiers, and relays by Edwin P. Anderson (1 times); Fundamentele versterkertechniek met elektronenbuizen theorie en praktijk met ontwerpmethodieken.

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Discover new artists, find your fundamenrele high-end gear, and explore what’s going on in the world of Hires music.

Adam has put together a fantastic looking pair of tower loudspeakers and he has shared his design with us. PIO capacitors made in this fashion are quite respected and sought after for their sonic qualities. Othervacuum tube.


Late last year Elektor released their most recent publication on the increasingly popular subject of hi-fi tube audio, Fundamental Amplifier Techniques with Electron Tubes by Rudolf Moers. The thick hard bound book is pages and seemingly covers what appears to be just about every topic on the subject of audio amplifier design with vacuum tubes. I recently had an opportunity to read the book and here is my overview of the new electron tube book.


There are a number of great soldering tutorials already available via the internet in the form of videos and webpages and today I came across another great soldering guide — this one packaged in a comic book format see below versterkertechiek PDF download link.


The comic book guide is based on the popular elektronenbuizwn soldering guide below that Andie and Mitch made last year. We are big fans of single full-range driver loud speakers so we were excited to check out the Feastrex drivers.

The handmade cones are made from Japanese Washi paper a higher density fibrous paper which is impressed in a spiral pattern with embossed ridges. The drivers epektronenbuizen is made from lamb skin.

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Fundamentele versterkertechniek met elektronenbuizen : R. Moers :

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Hear music in high resolution. The loudspeaker enclosures are constructed using 1.

The overall dimensions of the dundamentele speakers are The MDF is painted with a textured graphite spray and the side oak panels are stained. The thick book is divided into ten chapters.

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