Frederick Cossom Hollows (–), ophthalmologist, was born on 9 April at Dunedin, New Zealand, second of four sons of Joseph Alfred Hollows. Hollows, Frederick Cossum (Fred) – Biographical entry – Encyclopedia of Australian Science, Bright Sparcs is a biographical, bibliographical. Born in Dunedin, New Zealand Fred had originally studied to become a minister of religion; but during a summer holiday job at a mental health.

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Fred Hollows was a renowned Australian ophthalmologist known dred his efforts to provide quality health care for the under privileged. To know more about his childhood, career, profile and timeline read on. April 9 February 10 Victoria University of Wellington.

Fred Hollows was an Australian ophthalmologist who is known for providing quality eye care to those in need throughout the world. He spent his life helping others who could not afford or access healthcare. Early on in his career, he realized that the Aborigines were not being provided the screening and treatment that could eliminate a majority of the cases of blindness that were occurring.

Fred Hollows Biography – Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

He believed that everyone should be provided with the same quality of healthcare, and was appalled by the number of children that were unnecessarily going blind. The bulk of these cases were being caused by trachoma, a treatable infectious disease biographyy by the bacteria, Chlamydia trachomatis.

He established many clinics and treated Aborigines in Australia who were needlessly suffering. As a child, Fred had considered becoming a missionary.


While he never traveled the biograpyh sharing the gospel, he did bring medical training and treatment to Nepal, Africa and many third-world countries. The work of Fred Hollows has been monumental in advancing the number of people who are now able to receive eye care; he has helped over one million people regain sight through his efforts.

His legacy of making proper healthcare accessible to the poor continues through the Fred Hollows Foundation. By using this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. Privacy Policy Manage Cookies.

Identify Singers By Eyes. Victoria University Of Wellington.

Fred Hollows was born to Joseph and Clarice Hollows on April 9, in Dunedin, Hollws Zealand, where he continued to live for his first seven years of life. He was the middle child, with three brothers: Colin, John and Maurice.

Biography – Frederick Cossom (Fred) Hollows – Australian Dictionary of Biography

His dad was a Christian Marxist who believed everyone should receive a fair wage for their work. It was this beginning that would later influence Fred to bring medical care to the poor. Growing up, his parents were very religious, encouraging Fred to become a missionary. He even attended seminary for a short time to live out this dream. After working a summer job in a mental hospital in Porirua, he realized that he wanted to help people in another way.

He dreamed of one day helping the poor in Africa, and because there is a lot of cataract hollows in Africa, he wanted to become proficient at treating this disorder. It was here that the first retinal camera was used. He quickly realized he would need more specialized education in order to reach his dream of helping the ffred. It was here, in Wales, that he met his mentor, Professor Archie Cochrane. Inhe began to turn his focus to the lack of healthcare provided for the Aborigines.


Australian Dictionary of Biography

Inhe visited Nepal to assist in the training of local technicians and to reduce the cost of eye care. He established intraocular lens laboratories in both Eritrea and Nepal to provide lenses for those in need at an affordable cost.

The foundation was launched on September 3, They got married after ten years of courtship.

After fighting a long battle with renal cancer he succumbed to death as the disease affected his lungs and brain. The philanthropic doctor breathed his last on 10 February, He grew up in a strong Christian home, but Fred decided not to follow in his faith after working in a mental hospital, seeing that those in the secular world could be just as caring. See the events in life of Fred Hollows in Chronological Order.

Pictures of Fred Hollows Image Credit. Charles Horace Mayo American.