Revici’s Guided Chemotherapy is an ineffective cancer treatment devised by Emanuel Revici (–). Revici’s early work on experimental chemical- based. Emanuel Revici, M.D., until he passed away ran the Revici Life Science Center in NY, NY. Dr. Korin took over until he passed away. It is run for awhile by Dr. USPTO patent applications submitted by and patents granted to Emanuel Revici.

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For 80 years the world was jolted by one of the most brilliant physicians to ever walk the earth: Albert Einstein called him the greatest mind he had ever met. Revici is arguably the most important physician since Hippocrates.

Failing to understand the importance of these fundamental life processes could cost you your health. This text is extraordinarily complex, is out of print and is very difficult to find. Cellular metabolism is the fundamental process with how energy can be produced from nutrients and oxygen.

Understanding the differences between the 2 metabolic revic of anaerobic and dysaerobic can mean the difference between life and death, health and disease and fast recovery versus slow recovery.

There is probably not a single clinical health condition that does not involve an anaerobic or dysaerobic imbalance.

Revici’s Guided Chemotherapy – Wikipedia

Revici discovered an entire system of ejanuel hierarchy, correspondant with the periodic table of the elements. This system of hierarchy details the various layers of formation and organization from the smallest particles in the body, to the largest.


Through his brilliant understanding of chemistry, he determined the effect of various nutrients and biological agents at reviic various stages of hierarchical organization.

His understanding of the effects of metals, chemicals, vitamins, minerals at each hierarchical level is quite amazing. By understanding these various influencing factors, Revici would administer various orthomolecular type agents, both orally as well as intravenously.

These agents were designed to correct the various layers of imbalance at the specific-affected hierarchical levels. Revici is recognized as the first physician to demonstrate the potency of the trace mineral Selenium in various cancers and states of metabolic imbalance. Eemanuel discoveries of selenium pre-dated conventional understanding by several decades.

Revici was among the first physicians to use omega 3 fatty acids to treat cancer. Anaerobic metabolism is the anabolic processes of cellular building. In an anaerobic imbalance there is excess anabolic activity taking place.

Instead of producing energy with oxygen, a person is relying on lactic acid fermentation.

Emanuel Revici Inventions, Patents and Patent Applications – Justia Patents Search

This is very inefficient. Because an anaerobic patient tends to have a decrease in cell membrane permeability, there is insufficient fatty acid activity and excess sterol activity. When anaerobic conditions are prevalent, cell membranes are too tight, nutrients and oxygen are not used properly by the cells. This contributes to excess intra-cellular acidity, excess potassium in the cells and can derail function in various organs, and systems in the body.


Since biological energy production is generated at the cellular level, it is very easy to see what happens when de-regulation occurs. Dysaerobic metabolism is the catabolic process of cellular degeneration. In a dysaerobic imbalance there is excess catabolic activity revicu is taking place due to lipid peroxidation. Because oxidation is out of control, a dysaerobic patient produces free radicals rather than efficient energy.

A dysaerobic patient has excess fatty acid activity and a decrease in sterol activity. He had a very complex way of interpreting blood chemistry, which included the importance of measuring the levels of intracellular not serum potassium.

He also used urine testing such as the measurement of urinary surface tension, specific gravity and urine pH. Interested in our Health Consulting services? Are you a Health Practitioner?

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Revici’s Guided Chemotherapy

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