Secrets of the Millionaire Mind I also began challenging my mental approach whenever I began thinking in financially n. Dog Days. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Series). Book 4. Jeff Kinney Author Jeff Kinney Author (). cover image of The Ugly Truth. ‘The world has gone crazy for Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ – Sun Whether a loyal fan already or new to the Wimpy Kid books, THE GETAWAY is the perfect book for young readers of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth book & CD.

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At home, Susan and Frank talk about being late bloomers. Susan leaves him with Isabella. After everyone goes back in, the head teacher says that whoever diarg off the alarm will be suspended and should turn themselves in. The Ugly Truth’ by Jeff Kinney”. Greg bites on the dentist’s finger, making Greg wear headgear.

Retrieved from ” https: As a result, Greg accidentally sets off the fire alarm at school in his sleep-deprived state. Greg later falls asleep and wakes up because of noise coming from downstairs and looks out his window to see cars parked in front of the house.

But then an airplane with a banner reading “Marry me Sonja? The Ugly Truth is a filerype children’s fiction book by American author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney and is the fifth book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Greg does not get caught, but a rumor goes around that the fire alarm squirts out an invisible liquid ikd you pull the handle and the teachers could detect it with a special wand.

Later, Greg finds out that the school is having a ” lock-in ” for Saturday night, in which participants would sleep over and spend time doing activities. Kif next day, Greg sees Rowley with a zit on his forehead and he tells Greg that his mom says he’s becoming a man, in which irks Greg.

The next day, Rowley shows off his zit to some girls, which Greg thinks is dumb so he writes a fake note to Rowley signed “The Girls” about no one liking his zit which works. During the night, however, angry parents arrive at the school, because the kids weren’t able to answer their cell phones, since the teachers took them away, making the parents worried.


He tries a better alarm clock than his older one, which didn’t work, a wind-up clock. Susan then announces to the family that they will get a maid named Isabella, since both parents are busy, who will help take care of the kids after school.

Greg is worried about being the reader of the Old Testament because adults think it’s cute when a kid can’t pronounce a word. After Greg tells Susan about Jordan’s party, she forbids him from going because Gary Heffley also known as Uncle Gary is having a fourth wedding the same day.

Greg is also given the responsibility of waking himself up. But with the clock ticking loudly under his bed, he feels like he is on top of a bomb and therefore gets no sleep.

The Ugly Truth (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 5)

The Ugly Truth Cover art. Views Read Edit View history. Diary of a Ciletype Kid 5: The Ugly Truth, by Jeff Kinney”. However, instead of doing her responsibilities, such as doing the laundry, Isabella spends her time watching T. The day before the wedding, Greg complains about no entertainment at Gammie’s, and how old and valuable her belongings are.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth – Wikipedia

The following week, Greg becomes sick because he couldn’t get any sleep at the Lock-In. As a result, the Heffley men must take care of themselves, and most stability falls apart. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The story begins with Greg explaining that since he and his best friend Rowley have had a big fight, their friendship has been “history”. As a result, most of the kids go home early, leaving only Greg and Rowley. Greg signs up, but when he arrives, he is surprised that Rowley is also there as well.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid. When Gary and Sonja went to a baseball game, Gary was about to break up with Sonja so he could date her sister. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Later Greg finds out during the wedding rehearsal, he was going to be assistant flower boy to Manny, and not a groomsman.

The Ugly Truth (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 5) by Kinney, Jeff – PDF Drive

After the wedding, Greg realizes that it’s ultimately a good thing he didn’t go to Jordan’s party because it turns out that the only reason he invited kids from Greg and Rowley’s grade was to oid use them as servants. Meanwhile, Greg gets ready for his annual dentist appointment, but Frank takes Greg to his dentist because he thinks Diarh is too old for his usual dentist.

Filtype fires Isabella afterward. Greg is thrilled because he thinks he’s going to be a groomsman. Greg is excited because there are going to be girls there. Retrieved 5 December Greg and Rowley ultimately go back to being friends again when Greg chooses to make the first move in patching things instead of just waiting for Rowley to come to him. Later, Greg and Rowley are invited to a party by an older kid named Jordan Jury.

The next day, Greg lost his headgear. No one goes to wash their hands, and since it is the middle of flu seasonthe school has to close early. Greg calls Rowley because he can’t go to the party and asks if Rowley won’t go without him, but Trufh still wants to go. Afterwards, Greg finds out he is growing slower than Rowley.

Susan HeffleyGreg’s mother, announces that wimly will be going back to college for a few months in order to stimulate her mind.