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– – Rivista di diritto pubblico italiano, comunitario e comparato. Federalism government and Constitutional federalism | atribuciones conferidas por el artículo 33 del Anexo I del Decreto Nº del 12 de agosto de , Nov 13, . PRO pts in category: Daí,o Ministério do Trabalho, conforme o decreto / tem como atribuição portarias, fiscalização do trabalho, políticas pra novas geração de emprego.

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Sustituye el inciso 5. Hace referencia a las contribuciones patronales y a los aportes personales que, de acuerdo con la ley deben efectuar los empresarios armadores u operadores legales nacionales o extranjeros de buques o artefactos navales, durante la vigencia de los contratos de ajuste, respecto de los tripulantes argentinos.

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Argentina – Gente de mar – Ley. Argentina – Gente de mar – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Tiene la siguiente estructura: Ley por la que se establecen disposiciones complementarias a la ley [de 1. Ley por la que se reglamenta el trabajo a bordo de los buques de la marina mercante.

Jornada de trabajo y vacaciones anuales. Australia – Gente de mar – Ley. Maritime Powers Act No. An Act to provide for the administration and enforcement of Australian laws in maritime areas, and for related purposes. An Act to deal with consequential matters arising from the enactment of the Maritime Powers Actand for related purposes. An Act to make amendments that relate to the enactment of the Marine Safety Domestic Commercial Vessel National Law Act and that align that Act with work health and safety laws, and for related purposes.

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Makes various amendments to the Navigation Act and the Protection of the Sea Prevention of Pollution from Ships Actconcerning prevention of pollution by oil Schedule 1 and prevention of pollution by noxious substances Schedule 2. Maritime Legislation Amendment Act No. Made decrfto Maritime Transport Security Act Amends Maritime Transport Security Regulations Inter fe provides for land-side restricted zones, duties of port operator, access not to be denied into maritime security zone, goods, vehicles and vessels that need not be screened, and persons authorised to carry weapons or prohibited items in maritime security zone.

Makes miscellaneous amendments to Maritime Transport Security Regulations Inter alia deals with port service providers, ship security records on regulated Australian ships and regulated foreign ships, obligation to keep information current, approving, revising ddcreto cancelling of ship security plans, inspections by authorised persons, maritime security levels, maritime security 20004, maritime security guards, screening officers and identity cards.

Comprehensive legislation on maritime transport security. Divided into 13 parts. Part 8 deals with powers of officials, Part 9 with reporting of maritime transport security incidents, Part 10 with information-gathering, Part 11 with enforcement, and Part 12 with review of decisions.

Part 13 contains miscellaneous provisions.

Deals with various aspects of occupational safety in the maritime industry. Divided into 2 main parts. Part 1 contains introductory provisions. Part 2 sets forth duties of manufacturer of hazardous substances for the maritime industry, duties of operator in relation to use of hazardous substances, and employees’ and contractors’ duties in relation to hazardous substances.

Comprehensive legislation aimed at safeguarding against unlawful interference with maritime transport. Amends Seafarer Rehabilitation and Compensation Levy Collection Regulations with respect to manner of payment of levy. Maritime Safety Queensland Act No. An Act to provide for the establishment of Maritime Safety Queensland, and for other purposes.


Amends Navigation Collision Regulations with respect to measures to be observed for the prevention of collisions, and Navigation Construction Regulations regarding information as to the use of cross-flooding fittings provided in the ship.

Makes provision for privileges and immunities of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, of the members of the Tribunal, and of other persons associated with the Tribunal. Also provides for indirect tax concession scheme, and waiver and delegation. Makes some minor amendments to the Seafarers Rehabilitation and Compensation Regulations. Marine Regulations S. Part 2 makes provision for safe operation of vessels, survey, construction and equipment of commercial vessels, operation of hire and dive vessels, and recreational vessels.

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Part 3 deals with crewing of vessels and certificates of competence, pilots, harbour masters, and carriage of certificate, and licencing.

Subsequent sections regulate registration of vessels Part 4breath and blood tests Part 5prescribed measuring devices Part 6evidentiary and other requirements Defreto 7fees Part 8and marine infringement notices Part 9.

Amends the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations with respect to the definition of an incident, the period of incapacity, as well as notification and reporting requirements. Marine Amendment Act, No. Amends Marine Act with respect to dw provision of pilotage services in port waters, and the setting of safety standards for the provision of those services.

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Also extends the Marine Derceto of Victoria’s powers to investigate and prosecute offences against that Act and the regulations. Sea Carriage Documents Act No. Reforms the dscreto relating to bills of lading, sea waybills and ships’ delivery orders and amends the Mercantile Law Act Establishes rights and liabilities under contracts of carriage.

Marine Safety Act No An Act relating to marine safety and other matters; to repeal the Maritime Services Actthe Navigation Actthe Commercial Vessels Act and certain other marine legislation. Amends provisions of the Transport Operation Marine Safety Act to allow persons or ships to be exempted from certain regulations.

Also creates a Marine Board with the function of formulating policy concerning marine safety. Provides for the dde of a grant to employers of Australian-resident seafarers fe certain Australian-operated ships. Ports and Maritime Administration Act No Establishes State-owned corporations to operate 200 State’s port facilities in the major ports and creates a Waterways Deceto.

Transfers authority over safety matters from the Maritime Services Board to the Minister. 506 with matters such as elections, advice, investigations and enquiries into accidents and notices and reports on accidents. Promotes the occupational health and safety of persons employed in the maritime industry and provides for related matters.

Amends the Seafarers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act by substituting certain definitions. Regulates various issues related to the provision of certificates of medical fitness necessary to serve as a seafarer. Makes provision for giving effect to the Tripartite Consultation International Labour Standards Convention, and amends the Migration Act and the Navigation Act to enable Australia to ratify certain international conventions.

Provides for the collection of levy imposed by the Seafarers Rehabilitation and Compensation Actand decrdto particular for the duties of employers to give returns and information, offences relating to returns, access to premises and book warrants to enter premises, and identity cards to authorise persons to enter premises.

Imposes a levy devreto seafarer berths in prescribed ships, to be payable by employers of seafarers on such ships. Repeals the Seamen’s Compensation Actand enacts transitional provisions regarding entitlement to compensation, payment settlements, liability under the repealed Act, the right by employees to bring action for damages against employers in certain cities, and related matters.

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Seafarers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act No. Divided into nine Parts concerning terms used under the Act; compensation; rehabilitation; liabilities fe apart from this Act; Notices and Claims; reconsideration dscreto determinations and review of decisions by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal; compulsory insurance and the Fund; administration and finance; and miscellanous matters.

Marine Crewing Amendment Regulation S. Under the Queensland Marine Actthe Marine Manning Regulation is amended in matters relating to requirements and fees for certificates of competency for various classes of maritime officers. These regulations amend the Seamen’s War Pensions and Allowances Regulations, under the authority of the Seamen’s War Pensions and Allowances Actin matters relating to eligibility for medical treatment.

Establishes an authority to combat marine pollution and to provide search and rescue services, commercial services to the maritime industry and related consultancy and management services. Marine Dangerous Goods Regulations These regulations cover general requirements for ships, further provisions relating to tankers and other ships carrying dangerous goods in bulk, further provisions relating to explosives and radioactive substances, and repeal the Navigation Dangerous Goods Regulations Under the authority of the Marine ActRegulation 16 of the Marine Safety Manning Regulations is amended as it pertains to the manning requirements of class 3C fishing vessels.

Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims Act An Act to give effect to the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims,and for related purposes. Port of Melbourne Authority Amendment Regulations Marine Procedures Regulations These Regulations provide for the administration of procedures related to breath and blood tests, the issue of marine deecreto, the test of speed measuring devices, the election of a member of the Marine Board by pilots, and for certificates for evidentiary purposes.

Marine Vessels Regulations Regulations providing for the registration, survey, and crewing of specified decreo, and for the construction of and equipment to be carried on specified vessels. Marine Navigation and Operation of Vessels Regulations Port of Melbourne Authority No. Rules for the safe and efficient operation of the Port of Melbourne and for the effective management of shipping, trade and services provided within the Port. Transport Legislation Amendment Act Se particular, amends the Navigation Act in relation to seamen, apprentices dexreto mercantile marine officers, specifically concerning suitability for engagement and offences and penalties Schedules 1 and 2.

Re-enacts with amendments the law relating to pollution and the registration of vessels; implements certain international maritime Conventions of the IMO and provides for the safe operation of vessels. Protection of the Sea Legislation Amendment Act Concerns in particular the carriage of decrrto goods and harmful substances by 5036. Navigation Amendment Act Amends the Navigation Act No. Seamen’s Compensation Regulations Amendment.

Repeal the following Statutory Rules: Navigation Orders Regulations Amendment An Act relating to social security, repatriation and related matters.

Part I – Introductory 1. Interpretation Part II – Requirements for crew accommodation 4.

Application of Code 5. Construction of Code 6. Routine inspection of accommodation 8. Inspection of accommodation by surveyor.