View and Download Teufel DecoderStation 5 technical description and operating instructions online. Controller/Preamplifier/Surround Decoder. DecoderStation. Buy Teufel preamp “Decoderstation 5”: premium Preamplifier for PC speakers – Digital Decoder w. Dolby & 8 inputs – black – Quality product from Germany at. Teufel DecoderStation 5 Mk2 specifications: , Dolby Digital, DTS.

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This clever high-tech tool transforms an active 5. Thanks to the Decoderstation 5, a purely PC-based set is converted to a universal system to use anywhere. Connect 8 devices Up to eight external devices can be used with the Decoderstation 5 via a Teufel multichannel speaker set — without shifting the plugs around — simply by pressing a button on the decoder itself or using the infrared remote control.

A character display keeps you informed about current function status; the supplied remote control permits you to conveniently control all functions from your listening location. The Decoderstation 5 is a flexible and useful piece of kit, especially considering its size and price. It allows you to hook up all manner of equipment in all sorts of different ways without having to go down the route of investing in a bulky home theatre amp. Small, practical, cost-efficient Whoever’s searching for the possibility to combine multiple sound sources within a compact, active box system and not spend much money will be good to go with the Decoderstation 5.

With the remote control, your film evening on the couch will be super easy and the preferences are easy to take care of with the Teufel system, regardless the situation. The worksmanship and material is excellent, which doesn’t surprise us coming from Teufel.

By many at home you can find more than one surround sound system. One for the games console, another for the Blu-ray or yet another for the computer. If one wants to downsize to just one set, it’s usually difficult to connect all your devices to it. Your amplifiers also need a home, but it’s just too expensive! The Teufel Decoderstation 5 is different: The digital ports also allow surround. The Decoderstation is connected to a default speaker set, including the computer loudspeakers and makes it possible for you to choose between channels.


It’s also a nice, compact box. The remote control is set up with the right buttons to switch between the channels. The station also has a built-in decoder for Dolby Digital and can scale a stereo signal to make all six speakers active. No cheap system, but one that really functions!

Compact speakers for room-filling sound. Sexy and they know it. The best movie sound. Setting the bar for sound. A pedestal for your TV. Perfect TV sound for any room. For true music lovers. More space for hi-fi. Audio streaming and multi-room. Teufel Soundbar Streaming Easy. The future of music listening.

Portable speakers with hi-fi sound. Headphones with Noise Cancelling Technology. Hi-fi sound for on the go.

Hear every sonic detail. Your world, your music. Up your game with realistic sound.

Teufel DecoderStation 5 Mk2 specifications

Immerse yourself in the action. Sale Sales All special offers. The devil is in the detail. Always the best connection. Your sound decoderstztion the fast lane. Fits in well with the crowd. No tangled cables, just great savings. For sound that shakes the walls. For solid bass that isn’t moving anywhere.

No need to leave the couch. Your personal Teufel set. Wireless wonders and decoderstatiob. Low pressure zones upon arrival. Full sound from all directions. More Teufel to sink your teeth into. Start page Accessories Decoderstation 5. This is the premium decoderstatkon.

Advice Unfortunately, the desired product is currently not available. Based on your selection, we have compiled the most popular relevant products. Key advantages at a glance This is the premium 5.

Features Overview of our technologies. Decoderstation 5 This clever high-tech tool transforms an active 5. GOOD 1,8 Details einklappen German only Details einklappen CD “Dream Dance Vol. The January, tested products were still cheaper, but the in-total euro for the brand-new Teufel combination is an excellent investment. With Paffendorfs “Self Control” the attractive subwoofer really impresses.

All power amplifiers are located in its housing, which gives pleasure dwcoderstation performance and a surprising depth. With increased volumes the Dexoderstation E remains sovereign and provides a precise, room-filling sound with excellent differences between vocal and instrumental elements. The subwoofer not only delivers tremendous sound pressure — as shows with “I kissed a Girl” or “Real Booty Babes” — but is decderstation on the uptake and immediately implements bass impulses.


In each individual you get amazing results in an astoundingly constructive way. The bass is hefty and quick, the highs and midranges are homogeneous and played forward without-error.

Conclusion Well thought-out, optically gorgeous, strong sound — this price-conscious combination of the Concept E and the Decoderstation 5 is for beginners or old hands that need an inexpensive second solution…for example, playing PC multimedia files…a perfect choice.

Volume level strength is excellent for such a system.

Teufel DecoderStation 5 Manuals

The connection possibilities fort he Decoderstation 5 are also something to praise as well as its balanced and clean worksmanship. This is our summary: Bitte aktivieren Sie Cookies in Ihrem Webbrowser. JavaScript is a decodefstation language that works with decoderstztion browser to create interactive elements in web pages.

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