I have the following XML generated from various tables in my SQL SERVER database. Depends on how you have it but if it is in a XML variable you can do like. I have a number of csv files, and I want to concatenate the data in all the csv files in to one. The copy command is working fine for me but I need. Funcţia Concatenate Strings posedă un număr de intrări ce poate fi modificat de către Mai pot fi convertite în stringuri următoarele elemente: căi de fișiere.

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Do you have a bunch of similarly formatted Excel spreadsheets piling up in your Documents folder? Ultimately, though, your CSVs are going to be opened and edited in Excel.

How to Concatenate Multiple CSV Files in Excel

For most people, their main directory is their C: If you want to use another drive, like E: From the Start menu, type cmd into the search box and hit Enter. From the command prompt where the cursor is blinkingtype cd c: The prompt will change from whatever its previous directory was to — you guessed concatenqre — C: Naturally, if you put your files in another drive, substitute the appropriate drive letter. This is where the magic happens.


Note that we are going to remove all duplicate rows, not just the conxatenare. For most comcatenare, duplicate rows are redundant information. Give you new file a good scan to make sure your data is formatted correctly, and if everything checks out, go ahead and remove the source CSV files from your C: This is a great tip; thanks for writing it up.

So once I changed the directory to my working folder, I simply typed from the Prompt C: Great time saving tip…i often have to deal with hundreds of files…Thanks for sharing….

How to Concatenate Multiple CSV Files in Excel

Well after hours of searching, downloading and general fiaiere around, I found your tips. Unbelievably simple to execute: I tried this as well — and it somehow worked. However the DOS command did not sort the files alphabetically or chronologically but in a somehow random structure. I even tried to rename my files, using 1.

It still did a put the files randomly together. Unfortunataly I need my files chronologically sorted. Anybody has a clue how I could do that??

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[Solved] Concatenate multiple csv files

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