Chasecam PDR Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Chasecam PDR User Manual. ChaseCam, global supplier of rugged mobile data and video recording systems. LANC remote for chasecam pdr Fast Blinking indicator light for low battery or getting close to the end of the tape alert. LED LIGHT INDICATOR FORRED.

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While every effort is taken to ensure correctness, no responsibility will be taken for the consequences of any inaccuracies or omissions in this manual.

ChaseCam Control The first step is to control the ChaseCam unit by signaling it when to start recording and when to stop recording. By doing this, the recorded video matches the timing of the logged data.

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It also prevents the accidental mistake of the driver forgetting to turn on the recorder. Having Motec control the recording also keeps the video file sizes down to a minimum, as there is little use to recording warm-up or sitting on the grid waiting to go out on track.

MoTeC USA Video Convert Software This software allows for the automation of moving video files from the CF memory card onto the computer, while at the same time renaming the file to a more descriptive name.

For example, playing two laps side-by-side. By converting the video file into an uncompressed format, it will allow the computer to play multiple videos at the same time without having to decode the compression. Now you can compare two laps side by side with Distance Based playback. Data Overlay For customers that want to see data real time on their video files directly, this option allows for any chosen channels of data to be displayed either as bar graphs or numeric values. This can also help to verify proper syncing has occurred.

It requires an available RS template not being used by telemetry. Firmware Revisions Motec USA recommends that you use the latest version of firmware software inside the ChaseCam which is available online at http: New features and functions get added all the time and the software is free to download and install.

Load the card into the ChaseCam. Hold down the MENU button and power up the unit. When it finishes updating then the unit will power off by itself. You will need to have version This version allows the momentary push switch to record while being held down, and stop recording when released.

This version allows for the real time Data Overlay function to perform. If you do not plan on doing live data overlay during the recording, then any ChaseCam unit will work. There are also different hardware versions of the PDR For data overlay, you must use one that was manufactured after March of This latest version has audio mixing capabilities, where the left audio track comes from the external audio input jack used by the Casecam and the right audio track from the internal microphone.


If you currently own a prior unit and you want to do the data overlay, please contact MoTeC USA for an upgrade and current upgrade fee.

They look identical to Rev with a 4 prong green power plug. Another difference is the auto-on feature.

To activate, slide the internal dip switch to the left. The switch is located inside on the left side of the CF card door. When active, the unit will turn on as soon as power is applied to the green connector. Press the MENU keypad to enter setup. Press the X keypad to move back in the menu structure. Low — recommended setting. The ChaseCam much like your computer, can not tell what time zone you are located in.

Here you can set the first three characters of the file name. Most teams use the car number for identification purposes. Stop Delay should be set to 0 seconds. The main power comes directly off the same 12 volt supply as the Motec dash, and therefore these batteries are only used as a backup.

If a lose to main power occurs, the batteries allow the PDR to stop recording gracefully and finish writing the video file correctly. This prevents corrupt to the video file. It is recommended to use Lithium AA batteries instead of alkaline cells. For comparison, a lithium battery will last for 2 hours of recording, but an alkaline battery will last for only 3 minutes of recording.

There is an optional SuperCap available. This capacitor takes the place of batteries, and provides enough power for up to 6 seconds after the initial charging time of one minute. This is enough time to shut down the recording without corrupting the video file. While you cannot turn the unit on with Supercaps, you will not have to worry about dead batteries.

Recording but the battery is low. Unit is armed for trigger starting. Unit is on and ready to record. Playing back recorded file. Not ready to record, view the LCD screen: This does not include CF style microdrives. Any size of CF card will work, but some limitations are imposed by the operating system and file types. Some computers have a 4GB limit to file size so there is little reason to get a larger CF card.

Size Requirements Quality Full resolution screen size Highest 8. The odr100 rate is normal quality at a full screen size setting. If you need to conserve space, try Subnormal quality. In order for the PDR to use higher video quality settings, the CF memory card must be capable of fast write times.

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Therefore the generic memory cards will not work well. The industry has some various ways of noting speed, but the most common is using a speed factor. They know that such reported speed ratings are only an estimate and depend on many different factors.

As you can see, in order to use just the Normal resolution you need a chasecaj that with a speed factor of 40X. For higher resolution settings, you will want to only use 60X or faster cards. All CF cards should be manually chawecam to force 32K cluster sizes.


This can be done via the command prompt otherwise known as a DOS prompt. Below is an example: With continuous use, these cards develop fragmentation and must be cleaned by re-formatting in order to maintain performance.

CF Card Readers Due to the large file sizes, transferring movies from the memory card to the PC will take much more time than a typical data download. The fastest CF card adapters are typically Firewire. But these are hard to find and few laptops have Firewire ports. A close second in terms of speed is a USB 2. Any recent laptop should have USB 2. This cage allows for easy to remove access and is a cleaner and more secure way to mount the unit into the car. See Appendix B for mounting screw layout.

The pin out information is found in the Appendix. Power The DC power terminal block on revisions have 4 positions. Starting on revision 5 the units have only 2 positions. As pictured, 12 volts positive will go into pin 1, the farthest left location. Ground will go into pin 2. Do not use the other two slots for anything unauthorized or damage will result.

Also contains both green and red LED status lights which can be wired only into an analog voltage input. Required for operation is the red LED, which specifies the unit is recording.

The green LED is optional and will report if the unit is powered and flash if the CF memory card is running out of space. If using the data overlay function, there is a serial input which connects to the RS TX line of the Motec.

They are available with male or female RCA ends.

Chasecam PDR PDR-100 Camcorder – Black

This can be used to help aim the camera or to play back from the unit directly onto an external monitor. MIC Input for un-powered mics only. This is the input jack for the VSM, video sync module. Choose the appropriate one for your hardware. Decide when you want the recording to start and stop. If you have a VSM then you can choose to record separately from the logging. If you are not using the VSM, then you will want the recording to start at the exact same time as the logging.

When done this way, the video and data will by synced by start point. The ChaseCam takes about 0. Therefore the output should trigger 0.

Below is an example of what the logging conditions might be, found under the Logging Setup window. This might be useful if you want to log the engine warm up time, but only record video while the car is moving. Using any of the available Auxiliary Outputs, setup the control channel as follows.

This output should be connected to the switch control input on the ChaseCam.