Buy a cheap copy of Chainsaw Lumbermaking book by Will Malloff. Book by Malloff, Will, Erickson, Beth Free shipping over $ Chainsaw Lumber Making – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read Chainsaw. Lumbermaking. Chainsaw Lumbermaking Will Malloff. If anyone has a copy they want to sell, or a pdf version they can pass along, please let me know. Thanks!.

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A recent thread here regarding loaning this book out finally got me to dig out my copy lumvermaking scanner and start scanning all the pages to chhainsaw a PDF of the whole book. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, and since joining this site back in the spring I’ve been surprised at the demand that’s out there for it, not to mention the price it commands. Being as it’s no longer in print, and since new copies are next to impossible to find since only something like 20, were printed to begin with, I don’t think I’m doing any harm by copying the book into PDF form.

I started out tonight and managed to do up the first 3 chapters in about 3 hours. Most of that was spent rotating and cropping the images, and then finding my copy of Acrobat and figuring out how to use it all over again.

It’s been a while. I only had Acrobat 6, but I’m going to grab a copy of 8 so that I can run text recognition and index it so it’s searchable too. So without further ado, here is: The file I posted came in at about 5. I will be keeping full-resolution master copies if anyone ever wants one, but I will also keep playing with settings to get the regular filesize down as much as possible. Also on that note, I only have 10MB of webspace where I put it for now, and I don’t really have anything anywhere else.


I’ll post additional chapters as I get them done, and once the whole book is done including covers etc. I will create a single master file and put it up on BitTorrent and Rapidshare. I’m glad, this is turning out to be not nearly as difficult as I thought it would, though still quite time consuming.

Don’t know WTF happened with that last page there, I’ll fix it and re-upload the file tomorrow. I’ll post when it’s fixed.

BrmorganNov 23, Dave BoytShoerFastSlvrmple72 and 10 others like this. Mar 24, Messages: Alot of great info in there Feb 24, Messages: Fantastic – I rep ya but I’m all out. BobLNov 23, Sep 23, Messages: I’m looking forward to the rest of the book. Jul 26, Messages: The Land of Fish and Roses. It’s still copywrited material. You would need the author’s or publisher’s permission to do this. The book has not fallen into “public lumbermakibg.

“Chainsaw Lumbermaking” by Will Malloff PDF Project

Jan 11, Messages: Thanks thats alwful generous of you spending that kind of time on a project like that it will be greatly appreciated by all! Nov 11, Messages: BrMorgan your the man!!!! OcoeeGNov 23, Feb 18, Messages: This will be so helpful to alot of people here. And since it’s out of print,that makes it even better. Nov 20, Messages: Out of print does not mean its public domain.

Most likely they’ll tell you to quit it Is it 50 years that a publication must be lumbermakinb of print to become lumbfrmaking domain?

AndyRNov 23, Sep 18, Messages: Last I heard he was trying to get it reprinted Jul 1, Messages: Thanks I had been looking for a copy of this book. I have up malloff chapter 7 completed now. I further optimized the settings so that everything up to ch. Unfortunately if I run character recognition to make it searchable, the file comes in at 92MB!! That doesn’t seem reasonable and I think there must be a way to reduce it.

I noticed I had missed a couple pages from chapter 2 so they’re in now, and the odd size problem with the last page in chapter 3 should be OK too.


Chainsaw Lumbermaking Chapters Also, for the record, if the publisher or author sends me a takedown notice, I have no problem complying with that. I’m not looking to benefit in any way doing this, just to give some folks iwll to something they might otherwise never get to look at. I’ve seen other books posted on here in the past, so I dunno.

Chainsaw Lumbermaking by Will Malloff

BrmorganNov 24, Dec 22, Messages: MikeInParadiseNov 24, Thanks for the update! You’re doing a fine job! Chapters This is where the rubber hits the road in this book.

The quality is a bit reduced to keep the file size down a bit, but it’s still perfectly readable. I think maybe there isn’t a 10MB limit on my space any more though, because I’m over that now and it didn’t gripe about it.

If so I’ll put the quality up a bit more so the pictures can be zoomed in on better.

Chainsaw Lumbermaking

BrmorganNov 25, Now it is starting to get into the good stuff. My wife uses this working at home all the time with large files that are too big for peoples mailboxes. MikeInParadiseNov 25, May 26, Messages: Zodiac45Nov 25, Jan 8, Messages: SF Bay Area, California.

May 5, Messages: I like the way Malloff modified the Alaskan mill such that the chain can be swapped in situ. That mod is on my “to do” list. Not so much on the winch. OK, I guess, if you are milling at home, but I mill in the woods, hauling gear to the tree, so I’m chainssaw going to haul any more than the bare necessities.

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