Buried Treasure and Transmogrify Treasure-and-Transmogrify Author: Rienna Hawkes Rating: M!!. Buried Treasure and Transmogrify Treasure-and-Transmogrify Buried Treasure and Transmogrify. MULTI-CHAPTER (IN PROGRESS). A Different Kind of Magic by unjellify. Advent by jamesthestagwhore. Buried Treasure and Transmogrify by.

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The characters and situations of Harry Potter depicted in this story are the legal property of J. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made. It had been a long day. In fact, James couldn’t remember twelve hours ever having plodded along this way before. Some of it was that he was tired. He’d had no sleep the night before, but that was part of the full moon ritual he and his friends had developed.

Very frequently, it also meant muddling through classes the next day. Or at least it did for James. Remus had special dispensation to tgansmogrify several days tresure lessons every moon cycle, Peter could fake the symptoms of food poisoning on a whim and had a way of getting sent to bed, and Sirius had perfected a technique of sleeping sitting up with an advanced glamour charm to make it appear as though he were awake.

But James suffered through with nothing but Ever-Alert potions. Peter and Sirius had offered to share their secrets with him, of course, trfasure unlike them, James actually cared about his marks. This time things were a little different, as Pomfrey had given Sirius something to knock him out and Peter had gone to bed directly after calling off Summers. But the result was the same: It treaskre dead unfair, but he was used to it. No, it was Lily who had him so unanchored and incognizant that he was walking into walls.

Through the haze of his exhaustion, James replayed the events of that morning over and over again. Mostly, he replayed the moment when her dressing gown had fallen open. Merlin, he had never seen anything so sexy. The trezsure colored silk had clung to her skin as though it were wet. Her hair had burried tousled and wild from just having rolled out of bed, her eyes alight with hunger.

She had looked right devious and lustful, like some sort of wanton succubus summoned from his perviest dreams transmogrity haunt and treasuure him. It was in retrospect that he realized the significance of that moment; or, at least, the significance beyond seeing Lily practically starkers.

The girls with whom he had been mucking about over the past few days, the flirtation that was finally bufied off with Rosmerta, the fact that he thought of girls other than Lily two wanks out of three—that was all over. His fate was sealed. That obsession if his, the one he had devoted so much energy toward being free of, was back in full force.

All at once, Lily was his every thought. And like the prat he was, he had blown his chance. She had been gagging for it. She had ogled him, purred at him, stroked him, and stripped for him. She had done everything but beg him to fuck her. And he hadn’t treasuge a bleeding thing because he respected her. Because he didn’t want to take advantage of her inebriated state. Goddamn, he was a ponce.


If Sirius ever found out about this little incident, he would never hear the end of it. So James had upheld the ideals of the chivalrous nancy—now what? Now, he was randy as hell, and she was sober.

He tried to be satisfied that he had been a gentleman, but really he was seething angry with himself. Because the truth of it was that drunk was the only way Lily would ever let him touch her.

Then had come the vomit. The vomit had been good. Not only had it stopped him from grabbing her and taking her right then on the nearest study table, but it also made him feel better about not having succumbed to her seduction. What if she had become sick while he was kissing her? The very thought horrified him—though such an incident probably would have cured him of his rabid lust for good.

And now here he sat, in Transfiguration, with a wretched erection that had crossed the line from pleasurable to painful long ago. Luckily class was almost over and it was his last for the day. Then he would lock himself in his dormitory, have a nice wank, and then sleep.

Oh God, he couldn’t wait to sleep. He had been waiting for James outside of class, leaning against the opposite wall. Shifting a furtive glance in either direction, he spoke in a low voice, “We have to pick up the drinks for the game. James could have collapsed at Trasnmogrify feet at the very thought. He did not have energy for poker today. I bought the potion for me—thought it would be a laugh. But then I saw you in the library last teansmogrify with that swotty tosser Gudgeon and realized you needed a bit of a slap to the face.

Lily raised her eyebrows at ttreasure presumption of that comment. But Melody’s brain was already working, a smirk pulling at her lips obnoxiously. The label clearly states that you should not get out of bed for a full nine hours.

More like he was playing Quidditch in the Forbidden Forest. There were leaves in his hair, and he was covered in dirt and blood. The bad part was when Bburied threw myself at him.

Buried Treasure and Transmogrify Chapter New Year’s Eve, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

You have no idea what that potion was like. It was as if I had no inhibitions treashre all—it amplified my attraction to him to such a point….

The very expectant eyes of her friends on her, Lily swallowed and said quickly, “I exposed myself. The noise that ripped out of Melody’s throat was something between a scream and a giggle, but Pilar just stared, shocked. Pilar stared for another second trxnsmogrify so, then a snigger erupted and she collapsed face forward on Lily’s bed into giggles. Melody joined in with her own irritating laugh, and Lily wasn’t able to hold her straight face for long. It really was rather funny when she pushed past the humiliation.

She didn’t transkogrify what she was going to do. She had thought she understood James Potter, but he had transmogriy her that morning. Not only had he not taken advantage of her in her all too willing state, but he had been so kind and gentle after she covered him in vomit.


He had carried her up to his loo and drawn her a bath. It was a side of him she had never seen before, and it complicated things more than she liked. She didn’t want to redefine James in her mind, because that would mean that she had assessed him poorly, or that he really had changed.

Either way, it would tressure that she was wrong. Still, she couldn’t deny that she was fascinated, or treadure James occupied her thoughts now in a way that he never had.

What did he want? Judging from the way he had behaved since the start of term, he had moved on.

Some Fics To Drown Your Jily Feels In

He was still attracted to her, but he hadn’t asked for a single date and he had barely flirted. He had been carrying on with other girls all over the school grounds, and that morning he had all but rejected her sexual advances. Yet, she had felt him staring at her all through Charms and Ancient Runes. When she had met eyes with him, his had an oddly maniacal glint to them that could either have been lust or sleep deprivation.

It made her uncomfortable; it made her feel powerful. Lily shot her a look as she passed the deck back to Pilar. That wasn’t a lie—at least not completely. James and whatever was going on in his head were quite the points of interest today, but what had Lily well and truly unsettled was her own inner turmoil. Just how badly did she want him? And just how disastrous would it be if she gave in to her baser desires? Pilar was placing the cards in their spread.

Black’s trousers about as long as you’ve lusted after Mr.

i’d rather be fighting you anyway

She spread her palms defensively. Neither of us goes near him. Melody made an offended noise, but Pilar nodded in agreement and flipped over Lily’s first card. She was not happy with where this was going. She wanted advice on what to do about James—she did not wish to discuss Severus. Your dream and these cards are telling you that motherhood will be a defining and important aspect of your life.

No, Lily definitely did not like where this reading was going. She had never given it more than a moment’s thought—she was only seventeen for fuck’s sake. Pilar gave Lily a look that suggested she wasn’t being any fun, but moved to the third card anyway.

Your path will become clear to you soon, obstacles and negativity will be swept from it, and you should take it without hesitation. You are on the cusp of a relationship with great potential, but it will be your choice whether it brings you joy or pain, whether it blooms or wilts.