Download BROTHER MFCCN FACSIMILE EQUIPMENT SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. For the location of a Brother authorized service center, call BROTHER. IMPORTANT select Brother, MFL. Pro Suite MFCCN from the Programs. Find official Brother MFCCN FAQs, videos, manuals, drivers and downloads here. Get the answers and technical support you are looking for.

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Apex asked Feb 14, at 6: Select the applicable periodical replacement part by pressing the up arrow or down arrow button and press the OK button.

Press the 1 button if resetting the counter. If not, press the 2 button. Please sign in to comment. OPC Reset is accessed via 1 and 7 buttons together on this model. I’ve had these call for OPC Belts at just over half life. I think its dependent on the number of times the belt rotates, which is directly connected to the number of times the access covers eervice opened to remove a jam. Hence, machines with jam problems appear to need OPC belts and fusers even though “end of life” for those parts hasn’t been reached according to the page count.


I’ve also had paper jams in the fuser caused by a worn fuser drive input gear white nylon. The teeth get worn on one side. Fortunately, it’s exactly the same sized gear as on the paper exit side of the fuser, so can be swapped to a less demanding location. Seems to work ok, and is worth a sdrvice when the fuser costs so much.

I read your post about how to reset the transfer belt. The operator manual showed a different procedure, but it brotger not work. Is there anyway I can get a copy of the service manual.

Hi I an unable to print on my MFC CN it show the following message “Unable servics Print” and in second line it says “See trouble shooting and routing maintenance in user’s guide” but it does not give any help.

Through the web search I managed to find the error code, which is Error Code Does any one knows how to fix error code Please help me Thanks in advance.

Brother – servicemanual

My brother printer just can’t stop printing. After an error that occurred, whenever my printer is turn on, it just keeps printing garbage. Brotyer I have n error message “EL Error. Open the front cover and close it again”.


This does not fix the problem. I have reset the drum counter, but this does not help either. Sorry guy but EL is not brothre valid error code. Are you sure you read it right.

Brother MFC-9420CN Machine Error 2C

Hey friends, my printer has been acting up. It sometimes prints just fine but other times says there is a “paper jam”. Its almost like the part to the printer which is supposed to grab the paper and suck it in is worn ,fc.

I’m not sure what that part is called or if I’m way off but does anyone have a suggestion. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.