Explanation of the Higgs Boson. The Higgs boson is a subatomic particle predicted to exist by the Standard Model of La partícula de Dios. Request PDF on ResearchGate | EL HIGGS: LA PARTÍCULA DE DIOS | The discovery of the Higgs in the Large Multi-scalar-singlet extension of the standard model — The case for dark matter and an invisible Higgs boson.

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Here a Higgs boson is produced and then decays into two jets of hadrons and two electrons. The lines represent the possible paths of particles produced by the proton-proton collision in the detector while the energy these particles deposit is shown in blue. A rumor is floating around the physics community that the world’s df atom smasher may have detected a long-sought subatomic particle called the Higgs boson, also known as the “God particle.

The controversial rumor is higys on what appears to be a leaked internal note from physicists at the Large Hadron Collider LHCa mile-long particle accelerator near Geneva, Switzerland. It’s not entirely clear at this point if the memo is authentic, or what the data psrticula refers to might mean — but the note already has researchers talking.

The buzz started when an anonymous commenter recently posted an abstract of the note on Columbia University mathematician Idos Woit’s blog, Not Even Wrong.

Some physicists say the note may diow a hoax, while others believe the “detection” is likely a statistical anomaly that will disappear upon further study. But the find would be a huge particle-physics breakthrough, if it holds up. The Higgs boson is predicted to exist by prevailing particle-physics theory, which is known as the Standard Model.

Physicists think the Higgs bestows mass on all the other particles — but they have yet to confirm its existence.

Huge atom smashers — like the LHC and the Tevatron, at Fermilab in Illinois — are searching for the Higgs and other subatomic bits of matter. These accelerators slam particles together at enormous speeds, generating a shower of other particles that could include the Higgs or other elemental pieces predicted by theory but yet to be detected. Xe Coolest Little Particles in Nature].

En busca de la “Partícula de Dios”

The signal is consistent, in mass and other characteristics, with what the Higgs is expected to produce, according to the note. So the signal may be evidence of some other particle, Stone added, “which in some sense would be even more interesting, or it could be the result of new physics beyond the Standard Model.

Therefore, speculating about its validity or implications is decidedly preliminary. Other researchers joined Stone in urging patience and caution before getting too excited about the fios discovery.

BOSON DE HIGGS-“PARTICULA DE DIOS” by andrea naranjo on Prezi

I would never spread scurrilous rumors about you. Unlike some people,” Caltech physicist Sean Carroll tweeted today April While it’s still early, some researchers have already begun to cast doubt on the possible detection. Dorigo — who said he doesn’t have access to the full ATLAS memo — gives several reasons for this viewpoint. He points out, for example, that scientists at Fermilab didn’t see the putative Higgs signal in hoggs Tevatron data, which covered similar ground as the ATLAS experiment.


If the internal note is authentic, which is extremely likely right now but of course, it is not an official ATLAS document at this point! The total invariant mass of the would-be particle is GeV – the mass of the hypothetical Higgs boson that, according to ancient Greek legends, the LEP collider in the very same tunnel could have discovered a few weeks before it was shut down a pargicula ago.

There is a problem, however. If the excess were indeed due to the decaying Higgs bosons, theory predicts that it shouldn’t have been seen yet! In fact, the observed cross section probability of the production of the resonance is about 30 times greater than the prediction from the Standard Model, assuming that the resonance is the Standard Model Higgs Boson, also known as the Weinberg toilet.

Various models beyond the Standard Model typically increase the discrepancy 30 to an even larger ratio.

Rumor: la partícula de Dios, ¿finalmente?.

Some variations of NMSSM – the Next to Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model – may decrease the multiplicative discrepancy from 30 to a few – by a factor of ten or more – but it may still way too large. Ellwanger for a very suggestive method to increase the diphoton rate in NMSSM by a factor of six.

Of course, it’s entirely plausible that the physicists have missed a possibility that the Higgs is at GeV but because of a subtle feature of the particle, such as compositeness which I don’t like but consider it the most obvious example or extra matter fields beyond the three generations we know, the diphoton decays are far more often than the Standard Model predicts.

The two dominant decays are to bottom quark-antiquark pairs and WW pairs, and even decays to tau-antitau, ZZ, and charm-anticharm are far more frequent than the photon pairs.

But because of some unexpected subtleties, Nature may ignore the Standard Model and prefer the decay to photon pairs. Recall that your neighbor who lives next to you doesn’t have to be your best friend; it’s often the next-to-next guy who is.

This point was conveyed extremely convincingly by Cassel et al. In their statistical sense, a GeV Higgs boson is the most robust and most accurate prediction of supersymmetry that we can make at the present state of knowledge.

And it may be confirmed soon. I guess that many people are going to think about the ways how to modify the existing models in order to predict much higher diphoton cross sections. Your humble correspondent has predicted GeV to be the most likely Higgs mass in dozens of contexts, so this blog is full of comments about a GeV Higgs.


In particular, I recommend you to reread. What a light Higgs boson would mean for particle physics July If the Higgs discovery is confirmed – and 5 sigma is already collected by now if those 4 sigma were real – it will be exciting, indeed.

Theorists will have to struggle to explain the anomalously high diphoton branching ratio.

But when those detailed complications are resolve, the LHC will have to work hard to discover the expected particles that really matter. Pues por la “simpleza” de la noticia en si misma, y por la imperiosa necesidad del ser humano a aferrarse a algo, que pueda explicarse en palabras.

La partícula de Dios – CNN Video

El caso es que este tipo de Higgs casa bien con cuerdas. UUUUUh me encanta el tema 1. Hay gente en paro incapaz de permitirse un curso de ingles Hunting for the Higgs The Higgs boson is predicted to exist by prevailing particle-physics theory, which is known as the Standard Model.

However, some other aspects of the signal don’t match predictions. Dorigo feels strongly enough, in fact, to put his money where his mouth is.

Esto es lo que dice Motl en su blog: In particular, I recommend you to reread What a light Higgs boson would mean for particle physics July If the Higgs discovery is confirmed – and 5 sigma is already collected by now if those 4 sigma were real – it will be exciting, indeed.

But when those higgw complications are resolve, the LHC will higts to work hard to discover the expected particles that really matter http: Kb 4 Abr ‘ Los regalan cuando te sientas a la grada. PocketAces 6 Abr ’11 Penitente. Sarken 8 Abr ‘ ScOuT 12 Abr ‘ Nority 14 Abr ‘ Manorothh 15 Abr ‘ Boaon 16 Abr ‘ Hipster 17 Abr ‘ DantePD 19 Abr ‘ Para entender de que va todo esto os recomiendo este reciente documental de la BBC http: Lo encontre hace 2 dias en Microsiervos.

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