INTRODUCTION Welcome to Warhammer: Araby, your definite guide to Araby, the most religious and devout realm in the Old World. This book. Warhammer IIAraby Speculation and Roster (ar) The Skaven in Araby secretly ally with Sultan Jaffar, spying for him and murdering. A look at the lore and army of Araby and how they might appear in Total War: Warhammer 2. To skip ahead see below. History: Geography.

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Warhammwr has been replaced with Age of Sigmar by GW with a continuation of the canon storylines. Warhammr the supplement where the world is destroyedsee The End Times. To see the video game adaption, see Total War: There’s also the Endhammer project. Warhammer Fantasy IS a traditional Fantasy world created in the days when metal hair was all the rage and Dungeons and Dragon was still a new wrahammer strange concept.

The entire world is constantly saturated in ancient and warping magic to the point that giant skulls are natural formations in rock, flora sometimes grows eyeballs and genitals, nobody stays dead, and the whole planet is some part of the Old Ones ‘ last-minute emergency anti-Chaos plan, so Daemons can enter the material world easier but are also a lot weaker there. It also had arqby more dead-hard, beardy Vikings killing, raping, and pillaging.

Warhammer is about peasants living in shit, dying in shit, and the thousands of perils that befall them. Which are often covered in shit. It is not a fun place to be, though there are worse.

Your average soldier of the Empire is armed with a sword, a musket, and maybe a uniform which comes with a cheap piece of armor that couldn’t stop an untipped arrow.

Warhammer Armies Project: Gallery: Araby

Thusly equipped, he is expected to go toe-to-toe with a Daemon. Or a battle-trained whatsit-a-saurus. Or a rat-man armed with a flame thrower and warhammmer machine gun while leading a colossal goddamn steampunk frankenstein rodent abomination. And to warammer it all off, the madmen actually manage it! The one good thing for humanity is that the various factions and races have enough sense to set aside their differences to avoid total annihilation, and succeed at this with stunning regularity.

Of course, once the threat of turning into some Daemon’s bitch passes, the various races get right back to smacking the living shit out of each other.

Throw in lots of undead in Gothic and Ancient Egyptian flavors, ratmen, omnivorous in every sense of the word Ogres and a race of lizard precursors and we have our setting. However unlike the 40k counterparts, the Empire has ties to both elf and dwarf, both ties have grown stronger over the centuries and usually what gets the 2 races from tearing each other to pieces, in fact the Elves are the ones who taught humanity to wield magic, while the dwarfs taught them mechanics and engineering, which both have resulted in The Empire creating some pretty badass warmachines and devices.

In short, there is a thicker line in terms of Good vs Evil, sure its hindered by the dirty mistakes in the history of big 3 Man, Dwarf, and Elfbut is still so much better than the xenophobic 40k. As for actual tabletop performance, some warhammed WHFB requires more tactical skill from the player; however, this is probably because it’s not as widely discussed and is more often played by an older audience that was introduced xraby the setting during the glory-years of the fantasy genre. The game certainly does require more memorization or reference at least of rules, although listbuilding factors in less than actual field tactics in comparison to other games arabh Tarpit.

Psychology is a major factor in Fantasy as few battles barring Undead on Undead slapfests or Daemon infighting will progress without something fleeing or even disintegrating due to a failed Leadership roll. Fantasy puts more models on the field, but most of them are rank and arabby redshirts.

If you want an Apocalypse level battle, you bring a fucking sea of 1 hit point soldiers lead by one single model so fucking badass that Kenshiro bows in respect as it passes him. Magic is a big deal in the game, and has its own phase during each turn. Other than gentlemanly games between you and your opponent, you ARE taking a spellcaster even if their only job is to fuck up the enemy’s magic phase some armies in fact require a spellcaster in the army, both of them Undead armies requiring someone to keep the corpse feet-plodding.

Models may gain positive effects, or more likely negative ones during the battle so notes may need to be taken beyond just Victory Points. You have to know the ins and outs of your troops, and you’d be better served knowing your enemy’s rulebook as well since things don’t change much in their roles in the battle.


Planning is everything, but ultimately the field of battle is chaotic and thus you’ll need to be able to warhammrr to win Nurgle and Tzeentch enjoy the gameplay aspect of Fantasy in different ways. As far as models go, Fantasy is a bit liberated.

With no rules requiring measuring from a gun, or an exact model footprint, you instead rely on the plastic base as an indicator of who you’re fighting and if you can be hit. This means that the only requirement is to have a little plastic square warhammef rectangle base in the correct size.

What is actually ON that base doesn’t matter, unless you play at a GW shop in which case the only requirement is that they made whatever is on that base. Want to play one faction, but you only own another?

So long as your opponent isn’t a dick you can just use your army as the army you want to play now. Fantasy has it literally stated in the rulebooks that it’s a big world same basic geography as ours, but scaled up to a ridiculous size of a planet and thus there’s plenty of unexplored places where anything is aravy. So when you field your first army as your second, you can provide a legitimate fluff explanation Vampire Dwarfs, Lawful Good Chaos Gods, redneck Elves, Undead who are not soulless killing machines but instead have simply had their invitation to your opponent’s army wzrhammer a Wednesday teatime rejected for the last fucking time, and so on.

Unit fillers are a popular option for people making a warhammeg army in Fantasy. Boom, instantly you have to buy less troops. As for those “GW-made at GW shops” rules? Clip sprues, make a fence, glue it to a base. Voila, instant unit filler. Fantasy models DO have to fit close together unlike models in other games, so they tend to be a bit less wild with poses some see this as a plus. Big models tend to have a lot of detail, and almost no arab share models so there’s quite a bit of variation on the field.

Also there’s generally less spikes everywhere, actual exposed breasts on some models, and FAR more skulls Khorne and Slaanesh both approve! Those guys who made the Total War games have said that they’ll make computer games based on it. Either way, Warhammer fans who own it are fairly happy with it. Similarly, Blood Bowl was a specialist game set in an alternate universe where American football replaced war and has a vidya and a sequel, while agaby other specialist game Mordheim which was a skirmish game got the Xcom-like Mordheim: Medieval Warfare meets the structure of Left 4 Dead to massacre Skaven.

Warhammer is, in most places, set in a period reminiscent of early Renaissance Europe, only much, much worse. If you know anything about history, you’ll know that’s warhammmer something.

Nearly everything has some kind of historical arabj, at least within the human nations. Everywhere is a shit place to live for one reason or another. But unlike a certain other settingthis has a lot more to do with being subject to multiple clashing interests in the backstory, rather than thematic contrivances that are often poorly explained or barely touched upon.

As an interested note, the Afaby world, or at least what remains of it in Age of Sigmaris named Mallus, which in GeeDubs latin would be “Hammer”. The Empire is usually the center of attention in the Warhammer world. It’s basically a fantasy version of the Holy Roman Empire, meaning its warriors are very angry Germans wielding swords, muskets, and bibles, as well as having steam tanks and magic.

It is ruled by a mortal Emperor who is succeeded upon death, meaning there’s no need for a corrupt council to do anything more than annoy him. He is elected from amongst the ranks of the Elector Counts, who govern the different provinces of the Empire in their own special way and wield badass swords called Runefangs which waehammer their office when a Runefang is lost, there’s one less member of warhammeg council.

They are the closest WHFB has to a “main character” faction. All good-aligned races usually converge around the Empire when shit hits the fan, and all Chaos-aligned races make a beeline praying for Slaanesh to guide their cocks into an un-lubed Kraut’s cannonhole. The first Emperor was a wwarhammer named Sigmar. He was fucking wathammer think a combination of Thor, Charlemagne, and Conan the Barbarian. After becoming the head of his tribe, he made friends with the Dwarfs by saving their king by killing greenskins all before he became an adult even.

After that, the Dwarfs and Germans hung out arany lot which resulted in Warhamker getting all the same advances Dwarfs make and pushing it even further because Dwarfs reserved about new things.


Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Sigmar then brought the Polish and some Russians into his clan, and founded The Empire. Sigmar got involved in a war down in Egypt’s analogue in the setting, Nehekhara, against the Undead which resulted in Sigmar making the decision that if he were ever being kept alive artificially wargammer wanted the plug pulled.

Eventually, Sigmar got bored with politics and pulled a walkout, heading eastwards to fight some new beasties For some reason, people began worshiping him as a god and now he is the main god in the Arbay.

However, the more reasonable conclusion is that he’s long dead and Ulric, the number two god of the Empire and the god that Sigmar worshiped in life, handles the prayers of the Sigmarite priests, that or probably made Sigmar into a God after he died or when he reached the World’s Edge Mountains in the east. Turns out he committed suicide and became a god through sheer force of will.

Although the Empire was, in large part, the inspiration for the Imperium in 40k, there are some major differences. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the other races like Dwarfs and High Elves are not only accepted but considered trusted allies despite being arrogant douches.

Additionally, though kept on a tight leash, magic is largely accepted thanks to the Colleges of Magic the Elves set up, so wizards don’t accidentally summon daemons every five secondsand the Empire is fully polytheistic although worshiping gods that own property in the Realm of Chaos is still a big no-no, despite Witch Hunters doing it he’s a Chaos God of Order though, so it’s alrightalthough Sigmar is the patron deity of the Empire and generally given the most respect.

Second is Morrwho provides the mortal races of the world with a legit Chaos-free afterlife. Also, all forms of Undeath are heretical, which is totally encouraged in the Imperium.

The Empire isn’t totally shit and if you can get a good job you can live a pretty good life, just keep a gun under your pillow every night.

They’re even advancing pretty fast and, if it weren’t for the constant Chaos and undead invasions, they’d probably be warhamme into an Industrial Revolution right about now. The Empire also counts the allied nation of Kislev among its forces as they supply it with cannons, and it supplies them with more men but especially lancer calvary.

Kislev is mostly Russia during the era of Catherine the Great with a pinch of Poland mixed in, and consists of vodka swilling peasants armed with spears, lance cav and being lead by bear cavalry and their ice-wizard queen to defend the frost-covered arabyy that never smiles. They are more prone to mutation due to living where the winds from the Warp Gates blows. Kislevite women consist of the hottest girls in the setting and hardcore bitches who will crack open a chaos warrior’s skull and use it’s mashed brain as baby food depending on how old they are.

Halflings from the Moot are considered members of the Empire, although they contribute little other than food particularly since the newer editions removed all Halfling fieldable models from the game. The current Emprah is a guy named Karl Franz. He’s pretty awesome too, he actually has a political and militaristic stance and he gets shit done.

Warahmmer rides a giant fucking griffon that eats people and owns the one fucking dragon in the entire damn Empire that doesn’t act like a taxi for some batshit insane wizard or elf. It eats people too. He’s got a fancy suit of ornate gilded armor, cool bling, and a hammer again, THE Warhammer. Not a fool to be messed with. Generally warhammr, the forces of the Waruammer consist of cannons, Landsknechts with halberds, cannons, Landsknechts with claymores, cannons, musketmen, cannons, wizards, cannons, crossbowmen, warhajmer, pikemen, cannons, Russians, cannons, steamtankscannons, knights, cannons, warnammercannons, and mortars.

Plus nuns with guns and rioting peasants. The Emperor has to put up with a lot of bullshit: If you can think of it, the Empire has gone to war with it at least once. Its even gone to war with itself a arxby of times almost every time that the Emprah seat becames vacant, which at one point, resulted in a thousand year long civil war. Its continued success in managing to keep from falling apart is as much of a mystery as Dwarfs finding the Humans of The Empire to be worthy of respect maybe because Games Workshop has a hard-on for Imperialism.

Bretonnia is the other major Aaby nation of the Warhammer world. Knights, chivalry, all that King Arthur bullshit. All while being pseudo-Frenchmen nobles with psuedo-English peasants.