Aqeedah of four Imams on where Allah is When Imaam Abu Haneefah ( Rahimahullah) was asked of his opinion of the one who says i do not. What aqeedah were the 4 imams upon? They follow the aqeedah of salaf. This is This book [The Creed of the Four Imams by Muhammad ibn. The origin of the Hanafi madhhab and all the other madhhabs is that these four imams – I mean Abu Haneefah, Maalik, al-Shaafa’i and Ahmad.

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Discussion in ‘ Islamic Discussion ‘ started by BluegazerJul 8, Log in or Sign up. Nov 10, Messages: BluegazerJul 8, Feb 2, Messages: Imam Ghazali Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters, i got a present for all of you but you must be able to read arabic sorry.

Check out my pdf. Syeikh Ibn Taimiyah rh. Beliau telah mengkhususkan kepada al-Quram dan Sunnah, dan beliau mengkritik ilmu kalam dan cabang-cabangnya.


Allah’s attributes as understood by the Four Imams | TurnToIslam Islamic Forum & Social Network

Translation to my best ability Sheikh ibn Taimiyah rh said that al Ghazali during his last few moments of his life came back to Ahl Sunnah wa al-Jamaa’ah.

He prioritise Al Quran and Sunna ,and he criticise kalam and its branches.

Assalamu Alaikum brother alkathiri, Thank you for your kind words and for the information aqeerah Imam Al-Ghazaali [may Allah have mercy on him]. I hope you’ll find the following religious opinion [ fatwa ] interesting and informative. I hope you read it carefully, especially the last part I coloured red: BluegazerJul 9, Nov 27, Messages: W-Salam, Change my mind about what?

GlobalpeaceJul 9, Oct 21, Messages: Jazakumullah tye brothers and sisters.

Allah’s attributes as understood by the Four Imams

I am gaining some views of these stuffs. We need to stick to Quran and Sunnah. Agreed with bhaijan GP, we should not label anybody as misguided or deviants. We have to answer immas our deeds to Allah Subhanahu wa Taala. I know precisely what you were saying and you know precisely what I am saying.


Its friendly banter, thats all. This is a general message: Imam Abu Hasan alAsy’ari during near end of his life repent and return to salaf as written in his book ‘alIbanah’. I was listening to a lecture from a mufti from Malaysia. rhe

He commented abt Shaykh Al Nadwi. He was saying abt tarekat. I dont dare to translate because im afraid i might make fitnah against him.

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