What is computer graphics, Elements of a graphics, workstation, Graphics hardware, I/O devices, Display raster graphics: Scan conversion. Application areas, Input and output devices, Video display devices: Refresh CRT; Raster scan display; Color CRT monitor; Flat panel display; Co-ordinate. Computer Graphics. Front Cover. Technical Publications, – pages User Review – Flag as inappropriate. nice for computer graphic.

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Unit-I Graphics Primitives and Scan Conversion Chapters – 1, 2, 3 Concepts, applications of computer graphics, pixel, frame buffer, resolution, aspect ratio. Scan conversions, lines, line segments, vectors, pixels and frame buffers, vector generation. Line and line segments, qualities of good line drawing algorithms, line drawing algorithms: Primitive operations on display file.


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Representation of polygon, Inside test, polygon filling algorithms – flood fill, seed fill, scan line fill graaphics filling with patterns. Cohen – Sutherland algorithm, Polygon clipping: Sutherland Hodgeman algorithm, generalized clipping.

Introduction, matrices, Translation, scaling, rotation, homogeneous coordinates and matrix representation, translation, coordinate transformation, rotation about an arbitrary point, inverse and shear transformation.

Introduction, 3-D geometry, primitives, 3-D transformations and matrix representation, rotation about an arbitrary axis, 3-D viewing transformations, 3-D Clipping Projections: Cavalier, Cabinet and orthographic: Introduction, Segment table, Segment creation, closing, deleting and renaming, Visibility. Introduction, Design of animation sequences, Animation languages, Key- frame, Morphing, Motion specification.

Colour models and applications: Halftone, Gauraud and Phong Shading. Hidden Surfaces Introduction, Back face detection and removal, Algorithms: Introduction, Classification, Applications, Fractal generation: Introduction, Interactive graphics tool: Overview Reviews Contact Us. Write your own review.

Technical Publications. Computer Graphics

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