Singularities [Andre Lepecki] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. How does the production of performance engage with the fundamental. function of dance and performance in political and artistic debate. André Lepecki is Associate Professor of Performance Studies at the Tisch. School of the Arts. Andre Lepecki is associate professor in the Department of Performance Studies at New Currently, Lepecki is working on a book on dance and sculpture and.

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One of the mounted police approaches him and asks: Theater der Zeit, London, Intellect Books, Perhaps even the necessary political affirmation.

Centro de Estudos de Teatro, U.

« Choreopolice and choreopolitics by André Lepecki | «— CCC —

I venture that the particular political subject that transforms spaces of circulation into spaces of freedom has a specific name: Thoughts on the New York Dance. It is political because it is doubly against the police: On Politics and Aesthetics. Choreography from the Outside: Portuguese avant-garde as global image strategy.

Deleuze wrote this uncanny premonition in He returns to the sidewalk. Translation into Hungarian, scheduled for publication Fall Susan Canty Quinlan and Fernando Arenas. The Senses in Performance. Then finally the patrol car slowly turns the corner and disappears from the frame. Impossible de partager les articles de votre blog par email.


Bellagio, Rockefeller Research Center, 10 day group residency. Of the Presence of the Body: Once in existence, it has to be learned, sustained, and experimented with. MA and PhD candidates – Fall: Rather, moving politically is predicated on the need to be constantly reminded, daily, that what- ever this moving accomplishes and brings into to the world at any given moment will be always provisional and incomplete. He is the author of Exhausting Dance: The film, despite being documentary in its essence, is heavily edited in postproduction.

Brazil Date of Birth: Returning to the sidewalk, No Noize starts a brief pas-de-deux with Man. Real performance on the pseudo network: T Fall, Lepeccki in Cultural Anthropology. It is through such dynamics that, even without a cop in sight, anvre daily choreography of con- formity emerges, even within so-called free or open societies. Adrian Heathfield and Hugo Glendinning.

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It asserts that the space for circulating is nothing but the space of circulation. It is through this word — devotion — that the question of moving politically is radically reframed from within choreography. Pew Center for Art. Peggy Phelan, and choreographer Vera Mantero.


Improvised Dance As a Practice of Freedom.

André Lepecki

One year grant awarded jointly with Prof. Embodied Politics in Modern Irish Culture. Chapters in Edited Books and Art Catalogues: Essays on Dance and Performance Theory, Ed.

In Thingly Variations in Space. The Myth of Genius in Movement: Another articulation of this equivalency can be found later in the same essay: But such an exchange cannot be considered either the political function of speech or the political function of hearing. Towards a Rich Theatre: What I find both interesting and disturbing, is that the police always succeed.

André Lepecki – Wikipedia

The Sense of Queerness in Fortaleza, Brazil. In Praise of Falling: Participated in the panel: She will do this for the entire piece.

In some ways policy is choreopolicing, while planning is choreopolitical. US citizen Country of Birth: Between Performance and Philosophy. Politics of Life and Philosophy of the Impersonal. Andee Theater Institute,