ropivacaína para la analgesia postoperatoria en niños. .. A conduta obstétrica foi a de parto via baixa, sendo realizada analgesia através de bloqueio. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Epidural ropivacaine mg ml for and ropivacaine as adjuncts for postoperative analgesia in laparoscopic cholecystectomies . parecido con el caso del grupo ropivacaína en nuestro estudio. en los centros de anestesia obstétrica que tienen mucho movimiento. A double-blind comparison of % ropivacaine and % bupivacaine for extradural Ambulatory labor epidural analgesia: Bupivacaine versus ropivacaine de la aplicación de analgesia obstétrica peridural usando bupivacaína con o.

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Ropjvacaina PDF Cite this paper. The association of an opioidwith a local anesthetic improves the quality of labor analgesia andreduces the risk of systemic toxicity of the local anesthetic. However,opioids are not devoid of side effects. The aim of this study was tocompare the side effects of subarachnoid sufentanil associated withbupivacaine to those caused by epidural sufentanil associated withropivacaine in the doses used in the Anesthesiology Department inpregnant women undergoing labor analgesia.


Sixty pregnant women, ASA physical status I and II, agesbetween 15 and 42 years, at term and with healthy fetuses, undergoinglabor analgesia were enrolled in this study.

analgesia postoperatoria con: Topics by

They were randomly dividedin two groups: G1 — combined spinal epidural anesthesia — 0. Complementary doses of 0. Patients were evaluated after anal-gesia M1 regarding the presence of hypotension, maternal bradycar-dia, pruritus, nausea, vomiting, respiratory depression, and sedation.

They were also evaluated postoperatively M2 regarding the presenceof nausea, vomiting, pruritus, sedation, urinary retention, and pain. Newborns were obtsetrica by the Apgar score.

Giane Nakamura 6 Estimated H-index: Intrathecal and Epidural Administration of Opioids. Saldman 2 Estimated H-index: A Comparison of Three Sufentanil Doses.

Richard Debon 14 Estimated H-index: Intrathecal sufentanil 5 vs. Norris 1 Estimated H-index: Recent insights into the pharmacokinetics of spinal opioids and the relevance to opioid selection.

Bernards 27 Estimated H-index: Eduardo Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi 5 Estimated H-index: Postcesarean delivery epidural patient-controlled analgesia. Shaul Cohen 8 Estimated H-index: Comparative spinal distribution and clearance kinetics of intrathecally administered morphine, fentanyl, alfentanil, and sufentanil.


Wolfgang Ummenhofer 19 Estimated H-index: Comparison among intrathecal fentanyl, meperidine, and sufentanil ajalgesia labor analgesia.

Honet 3 Estimated H-index: A randomized double-blind ajalgesia of epidural sufentanil versus intravenous sufentanil or epidural fentanyl analgesia after major abdominal surgery. Eran Geller 13 Estimated H-index: Other Papers By First Author. Experimental Study in Dogs. Are you looking for