Alternamorphs #1: The First Journey is the first book of the Alternamorphs series, a spinoff of the Animorphs series. It involves a second-person narrative so as to. Alternamorphs # The First Journey [K.A. Applegate] on The First Journey (Animorphs Alternamorphs #1) and millions of other books are. The First Journey (Animorphs Alternamorphs #1) – Kindle edition by K. A. Applegate. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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That’s all you get. I’m not giving you my last name, or telling you where I live. Unfortunately, I’ll be giving you a lot more dangerous information about me than any of the others will as it is. I’m sure you’ve heard about the Animorphs and what they go through by now. If you haven’t then you’re not supposed to. So I’m going to skip the explanation on the Yeerks and whatnot. But I will tell you this: Jake, Cassie, Marco, Rachel and Tobias weren’t the only people in the construction the night an Andelite landed.

And like them, I gained the power to morph into any animal I touch. At first I didn’t want to believe that anything out of the ordinary was happening. I hoped I’d just had a nightmare or hit my head while I was riding my bike around the makeshift track I’d made in that old place.

But I still got involved when Jake sent Marco to recruit me. Admittedly, I tended to end alternamorpjs doing a few things on my own and needed the others to bail me out once or twice, but I still ended up with the group and did my part alteramorphs help save Cassie in the team’s first trip to the Yeerk Pool.

Unfortunately, that was also my last battle. And the last time I morphed. You see, I was discovered to have a genetic illness, a recently discovered one called Brugada Syndrome.

The electric impulses from my brain to my heart are incorrect and it causes an abnormal heart beat. It gets worse over time and eventually you die.

There’s no medication for it, all a doctor can alternamkrphs is monitor it and insert a defibulator into your chest to zap your heart back into motion when it stops.

Once it was implanted in me, there was no way I could morph again. It doesn’t morph with me, so it altegnamorphs burst out of a small morph or the wires would disconnect from my heart if I morph something that pulls it away from it. There was a little mistake that left it an inch thick. I got pretty depressed after that.

It was the illness that killed my Dad after all. So my mother organised for me to travel with my uncle alternamorohs cheer me up. It definitely made me happy again. I even got to join in some mountain bike races, not that Mom will ever know. But now I’m back.

I have to admit, as much as I’ve loved having a semi-normal life seeing the world, I’m curious alternmaorphs how the Animorphs have been going. The last time I saw them, Cassie had just taught the others how to morph clothes and I was watching enviously as they were trying out bird of prey morphs. I hope they’ve been ok. Running down the hallway, she quickly threw her arms around me in an qlternamorphs hug. Before I left, it would have been pretty embarrassing happening in front of other people, but it’s been almost a year.


I missed her more than I’m willing to tell her and I hugged her back tightly. You’ve grown a bit! And you definitely weren’t this muscular when you left.

Don’t worry, he got out unscathed both times. Like it was in a altetnamorphs or something. It was almost too easy to take it off of his neck. He probably shouldn’t have mentioned exactly where we’d found that thing. It seemed to have the desired effect as Mom took a deep, calming breath before smiling again.

She joined the netball team and is over at one friend or another’s house each weekend.

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She was very excited when I told her you were coming home. She missed you as much as I did. So, tell me about all the different things you’ve seen and done.

But please, don’t tell me about another case like that scorpion. Chuckling, I sat down with Mom and Uncle Henry on the couch and alternamorpus her about It took a good while even without the stuff that would have my mother fainting with horror, after all, I’d been everywhere from safaris to carnivals.

By the time we were finished talking, the sun had already fallen and my little sister was home, hugging me to death and telling me that she missed me over and over again. Before I left, I would have been annoyed with how clingy she alternamodphs being, but I could only smile and hug her back now. Being away for so long definitely made my heart grow fonder.

Uncle Henry left the next morning, much to my disappointment. Needless to say, he’s an adventure junky. He’s got it good, he travels around the world constantly, bungy jumping, chasing wolves, hiking, anything you can think of, and he gets paid for it.

He’s the star of his own show. It was always his dream to make the world see just how full and exciting it actually is, how you don’t need giant, man made contraptions to have the time of your life. That nature provides even cooler ones. And I have to say that I agree. I’m going to miss hanging out with him and climbing steep cliffs or drifting on inflatable tubes down underground rivers. It was nothing short of awesome. But now I’m home and I’ll just have to deal with it. All well, the construction site’s still there.

Hehe, I wonder if my old track is still clear to ride. That was one of the many things I wanted to find out today. It was a school day, but fortunately, Mom let me have the rest of the week off to readjust to being home. You know, rest, relax and watch some TV. The problem with that idea was that I’d grown too accustomed to doing things every minute I was awake every day. Quickly getting bored with channel surfing, I decided to grab my bike and go for a ride around town.

To see if anything’s changed, and to find out if anything that looked like Yeerk activity to me. That being said, with no communication with the others since I left and how little we knew to begin with, unless a building was sporting the word ‘Sharing’ or ‘Yeerks Are Us’, I wasn’t likely to notice anything.


Not much seemed to have changed at all. Nodding to a few people here and there, I rode my bike around all the main roads and found that the only thing that seemed new was that a Starbucks had opened where an old Chinese restaurant had once been.

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Staring mindlessly at the TV would have been more interesting than checking out town. I guess after a year of constantly seeing new things, I’ve grown a need for change. Thinking about change took me right back to where my need for change started from: But I couldn’t alternamorpys about that. As much as I’d hoped it was my overactive imagination when it all started, I still wanted to help fight. And I wanted to morph even more. I missed the playfulness and energy of a ferret and the power and fearlessness of the hyena.

Nothing like becoming a super predator to make you feel invincible. And I wanted to know what flying on your own wings was like. The others had looked and sounded so ecstatic and free when they were alternamorpjs bird of prey morphs. Groaning as the thoughts refused to leave my head, I pushed harder at the pedals, riding as fast as I could to the mall.

Maybe the arcade would help clear my head.

Did some miss the mark in a sky diving competition or something? I’d just made it to the centre of the mall, real close to the arcade, only to find the area dull and gloomy. It had always been bright and cheery before, painted white and with lot of both artificial and natural light shining all around.

It was easy to see why though. Looking up, I could only frown with disappointment and confusion when I found wood covering a good chunk of the skylight. The thing had obviously been shattered and judging from the tape surrounding the floor beneath it on the level below me, it was broken from the outside. Turning around, I found myself facing a boy about my age, maybe a year or two younger, with a big smile on his face.

They say it came from the Gardens. When they found it, it looked like it was dying, but later that day it was back in its habitat without a scratch on it. It’s the towns’ newest and biggest mystery. I however, am one of the few who know the answer to it.

I thought as the kid walked off, shaking my head and trying, and failing, to force down my concern. I remembered full well watching the orange and black striped fur appearing on Jake. I remembered watching him tear through controllers at the Yeerk Pool and leaping at Visser Three in a morph the size of a building. And I knew he got the morph from the Gardens.