The latest Tweets from Alois Irlmaier (@AloisIrlmaier). Documenting the lead up to World War 3 as predicted by German seer of same name. #WW3 is right. Conrad Adlmaier got these statements when discussing with Alois Irlmaier and published them later. In addition also statements are listed. Alexander Tollmann (–) was born in Vienna. He had been a tollmann2 professor at the Institute of Geology at Vienna University from Tollmann.

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He was famous for his psychic abilities, and after World War II, many people sought his clairvoyant skills to locate their families and friends. Because of his fame, Irlmaier had a few enemies and was ridiculed and accused of being a warlock.

Even though he had never seen her, he proved to be completely correct, and the judge released him. He predicted his own death in July His last words were: A totally black column of people will come from the East. Everything goes quite quickly. From the Golden City Prague it moves out. The first worm goes from the blue waters of the Danube northwest to the Swiss border.

By Regensberg there stands no more bridge over the river, but southerly from the blue water they will not come. The second great push will come over Saxony westward against the Ruhr.

The third army column from the northwest will go westward over Berlin. It all goes very quickly a,ois fast. From the Danube aliis the coast will be controlled by the Grays. Two fleeing refugee groups will cross the river; the third is lost and encircled by the enemy. Munich, South Bavaria, and Austria need not have fear.

Ten thousand doves rise out of the sand [Africa] and fly over us, but they do not drop down.

Alois Irlmaier Prophecies

But there where the headquarters of the others are, they throw black boxes, 25 centimeters high; there everything is wiped out.

The Golden City of Prague will be destroyed; it starts there. It continues in a straight line to the sea by the bay [Hamburg, Lubeck, or Stetin].

A,ois where it falls, nothing will live. No trees, no flowers, no animals, no grass. Everything will wither and turn black. The houses will stand. It is a long line. He who crosses it dies. The soldiers of the east cannot cross to the West, and the soldiers of the West cannot cross to the East. The wind blows the deadly cloud to the East. Suddenly the eastern armies collapse. They throw away everything they carry with them and try to escape to the North.

But none of them will return. From the three army movements not one soldier will be able to return home.

There will be so many dead It throws a “neutralizer” in the great water by England. Then the water lifts in one single piece as high as a tower and falls back down.


It makes an earthquake and a giant wave and everything will be overflooded. Almost all of England and the European coast to Berlin will sink except for a few mountain peaks. Ilmaier great cities will sink. One through water [London].

The second will sink [New York], and the third just falls apart [Rome]. The city with the steel tower [Paris] will be set on fire by its inhabitants and will be leveled to the ground. All priests except six will be murdered. The Pope will flee. The people between Watsman Mountain and Wendelstein need not worry and will be isolated. Only once will the tongue fly so shortly, then burns a small town north of Saurisel [near Berechtsgarten]. But a great famine will come and will take the animals from the farmer.

Then the farmer really has to set himself to the task, for they will try to steal the very underwear off of him. The whole thing does not take very long.

On the riverbank they will camp and fight with desperation. There, however, their might will be annihilated, their power broken, so that hardly one will remain alive to return home to report their defeat. The dead bodies will be so numerous that iromaier will have difficulty removing them from the streets.

The Russian people will begin to believe in Christ and the Cross will be honored once again. I see a red mass mixed with yellow faces. I see a total uprising and a horrible massacre and plunder. Then they will sing the Easter Song and burn candles before pictures of Mary. Through the power of the prayers of Christianity, this Monster out of Hell will die, and even young people will begin to believe again the Virgin Mother of God.

Then a huge thunderstorm will appear with bolts of lightning and thunder and an earthquake will move the earth. Do not go out of the house. No lights will burn except for candle lights. The stream of people stops. Whoever inhales the dust will develop cramps and die. Do not open the windows. Hand the windows with black paper on the glass. All open water will become poisonous, and all open food which has not been canned. Also all foods in glass will not make it. Many people will die.

The first two secrets of Medjugorje and Alois Irlmaier about the WW3. | Mother of God

After seventy-two hours everything will be over. But I will say it you again, do not go outside, do not look out of the window. Aloiis the candles burn, keep watch, and pray. Overnight more people will die than in the combined two world wars.

Then irlmier will crown three kings, a Hungarian, an Austrian, and a Bavarian. The Bavarian is an old man with white hair, and he wears lederhosen. In the beginning there will be famine, but then the Danube returns to its level, thereafter there will be so many groceries brought up the Danube that all will be fed.


It will become warmer, and the southern fruits and grapes will grow very well in Bavaria. And people will move there, who want to, and everybody can live where they want to and have as much land as they can handle. The land north and east of the Danube will be resettled. There are only a few people left.

Then the traveling salesmen will say, buy my wares, or I will go crazy. The sausages will spill from the plates, there will be such an abundance. There will come a long, happy time, and those who live to experience it will be very happy A darkness of 72 hours will precede peace.

The time of the year may be autumn, for there will be snow on the mountains, but not yet in the lowlands. The sign if the Cross will appear in the heavens.

The war will end as quickly as it began, and a natural phenomenon will end it. The last battle will be near Cologne, and it will be won by the West It will be preceded by signs in the skies, which will be seen by millions of people. War will begin on a rainy night, shortly before harvest time, when the ears are full. War will begin after the assassination of an eminent politician in Czechoslovakia or in Yugoslavia.

An invasion from the East will follow Indeed, events allis come even closer and I can see them even better. I see two men who will kill the “third high-ranking person. One of the murderers is a small black man, the other is a somewhat taller white man. Prior to the war there will be a fruitful year with good vegetable crops and plentiful fruits. After the murder of “the third” war will erupt without aliis during the night.

I see dust, and I see three numbers, two 8s and a 9.

European Prophets – 3b

I do not know what the numbers mean, nor do I krlmaier the date and the time. Several German prophets have named Westphalia as the area where the final battle of the war will be fought.

After the collapse of the Russian attack on Europe, the surviving invaders will escape to an area about aloid miles northeast of Cologne, defined by the towns of Unna, Hamm, Suest, Werl, Holtum, and Kirsch-Hemmard.

The earliest known written description was recorded in by Eberhard Windeckethe court historian of Kaiser Sigismund.