Wireless Audio Transmitter User Manual details for FCC ID INTRODUCTION AKG K Cordless Stereo MHz Headphone System This. Summary of Contents of user manual for AKG K KWHT HOME Hi-Fi Multipurpose indoor wireless K & Stereo K K K K Never had wireless headphones before so I don’t know how it normally works The manual (see below) says I should remove the ear pads, but.

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Never had wireless headphones before so I don’t know how it normally works The manual see below says I should remove the ear pads, but after having done that I can’t see any possible place to put a battery. Should I remove more than just the actual pads?

It seems like directly behind the manuzl there is a sort of “board” circular and covers everything which could possibly be pried loose but I don’t want to ruin the headphones literally the first second thing I do with them http: Looks reasonably clear to me in the pictures that the pads the soft foam part are attached to a plastic disk. Both would need to come off. Removing just the pad on my K92 would I think be breaking the setup – the pads are glued to the backing disc.


Also, be sure you’re working with the correct earpiece – on my headphones, the ajg are only on one side. I got confused because the manual in Swedish says literally that you should remove “the soft parts” and they are eminently removable without removing the plastic disc, no glue or anything.

How to replace batteries in wireless headphones AKG K? Ars Scholae Palatinae et Subscriptor.

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