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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. In the present work a study is presented to verify the operating conditions of a 3D laser scanner, used for the three dimensional survey of the surface of an object, construction or a agnt area. These devices generate a cloud of points with coordinates in three dimensions.

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There are several types of 3D scanners varying according to their applications. Laser scanning abnr have applications in many fields, such as civil engineering, architecture and industry, among others.

There are several possibilities of checkgin adn calibration presented in literature and conferences. The manufactorers also establish calibration rooms or chambers.

Some of the working groups are conentrating on field procedures to test scanners after transport and under working conditions. This is also know abntt total stations i. The first stage presents the concept of laser scanner, its operation and its applications, next is presented the models used in this work and their respective dedicated software.

Finally, the data obtained after each measurement and the calculations performed to analyze the operation of the equipment are presented. In general it is working like a total station with reflectorless distance measurement but with a high measurement repeatability.

In the first try from December up to January only panorama scanners were tested. 17019 scanned object can be visualized through a point cloud manipulation software.

To carry out the distance measurements by determining the position of the points, the concept of spherical coordinates is used. There are three main ways of collecting the scanned data: The equipment also presents different scanning methods, being: It is a compact model, uses the principle of phase comparison, with high speed for small distances and minimum working times.

It is high speed laser scanner for detailed measurements and documentation. It uses the principle of phase comparison and uses an oscillator mirror. Cyclone has become the industry standard for capturing point-clouds, processing them, and integrating the information into conventional CAD applications. Scene processes and manages scanned data both highly efficiently and easily by using the new automatic object recognition, scan registration and positioning.

Reference targets are automatically detected and assigned to each other. The individual scan locations are placed in space and georeferenced upon request. Faro Scene can also coloriza scans. The software is extremely user-friendly and generates high-quality data with minimal manual effort — all you have to 1071 is check the results at the end.


Once Faro Scene has prepared the scan data, you can commence evaluation and further processing right away. Scene provides you with an extensive series of easy-to-use functions at your disposal-simple measuring, 3D visualisation, meshing and exporting into various 1719 cloud and CAD format.

The tests consisted of using laser 3D equipment to scan the hall and obtain the target coordinates used as a reference.

CTAN: /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/abntex2

These targets were arranged at different heights and distance on pillars of the building and at different angles relative to the position of the scanner. Target tests Because of the situation in the building no 2 of the University of Applied Sciences we decided to use special abntt for the point definition.

This targets were finally found. After several test of the cand. Because of indoor use we can use only paper. Various patterns and films were tested between Oct. A special adaptation for targets and nbd tracker prisms were made. The adaption ensures a mechanical centering of targets and tracker prisms within an accuracy 0,5mm. Also there are brick models and other materials from construction available for the next step of individual surface calibration.

This is yet not planned. From the first 6 targets we have oriented 4 directly to the scanner set up point. The last step in setting up artificial objects targets was finished in December All of them were oriented on a possible test set up point.

The first test was performed to verify the internal accuracy of the equipment in combination with the targets. The second test had as ahnt to verify the influence of the eccentricity of the center of the targets.

The experimental apparatus assembly is the same for both models. With the HDS, software was used to choose the parameters and start each scan. However, both models offer the option to use a web interface and HMI to configure and start work.

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Firstly, a suitable position must be chosen to position the equipment, so that it can have a direct sight for all the targets. The equipment required for the installation of the experimental apparatus are a 3D scanner, a tripod for support, a power cable and cones to isolate the equipment, this precaution is unacceptable since the equipment cannot be bumped and to maintain a safe distance between The laser source and the human eye.

The tripod is set to hold the scanner in a horizontal position and at such a height that the machine can see the targets without obstacles. After assembly, the equipment is switched on and must be configured to perform the measurement. In this test were carried out five measurements with 1719 resolution and ultra-high resolution, since there was interest in knowing the behavior of the equipment when using a low density of points and a abntt density of points Table 1: In the Focus 3D model, at the end of each scan, a preview of the scan is shown on the display, with this tool it is possible to verify that all points of interest have been scanned.


The data is saved to an SD card. This effect is a mechanical defect and comes from the construction of the same. What happens is a displacement from the center of the target, which can give erroneous data to the operator. A difference of at most 0. In abbt practice, only one of the targets was rotated and a measurement was performed before and after the target was rotated, with both models.

After the import is generated a cloud of points representing with good precision the scanned area. The next step is to acquire the coordinates of the targets. The option to find the targets automatically is used. The majority of the targets are automatically found, the others must be manually marked, it is also emphasized that the software marks the reflexes of the targets in the glasses and other points that it interprets as the target used, these points should be discarded.

In HDS, you must import the database file, choose the option to find the targets automatically. As with the Faro Scene, the HDS Cyclone Software Suite software finds most of the targets as well as points that are not the correct targets and in turn should be discarded.

Other targets not found automatically must be marked manually. Once the coordinates of the targets are obtained, they are exported to a text file already separated in their respective axes nnbr, y and z and coordinate number. O These data are exported to excel, where statistical calculations are performed to qualify and quantify the accuracy of measurements and equipment.

Checking of the excenticity of all 12 targets 2. New laser tracker measurement in April was planned for December for 12 targets. Set up for special targets to detect single axis errors like horizontal collimation error 4. Checking of the influence of the low angle sun behind the targets in summer 5.

Temperature effects on the building to the position of the targest laser tracker measurements every 2 months-finances?

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Complete least square Gauss model for all abnf errors axis 3excentricity 3laser additional constant, tumble error of vert. Rio de Janeiro, Remember me on this computer.

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