808 #16 V2 MANUAL PDF

The Instruction Manual is Integrated into the Software. Latest Firmware Version V (as a general rule of thumb, if your Mobius is currently working, it is.

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It has the best support of all mqnual p cameras at the RCGroups forum. See Tom Frank’s RC 16 forum. The following link is to the 16 configuration utility Windows by Isoprop, and the 16 manual from the manufacturer. The configuration utility is optional, but it makes setting the 16 configuration file easy.

How to Use #16 Key Chain Camera Manual and Wiki – Oscar Liang

When available, new ##16 for the 16 will be posted at Tom Frank’s 16 forum. See the first 4 postings there. Search eBay for ” 16″. You just need a new battery and change it! New Lens and totally new circuit board design. You will see below improvements in video: Low battery buzzing artifact in video -Gone!

Just one cable is OK. It supports audio volume control, and you can even get it mute to save battery and helps to increase the recording time when the audio is not needed, it can be set by TXT config tool.

AVI file format, using the same H. If you need it, please send a message to us, and we will send it to you by email. Please find more details in the PDF manual. Here is his 16 review in p.

Watch in p and full screen. This is a non-commercial web site. Advertising is not accepted. I am not being paid for any mention or promotion. To translate this page select a language. To search manusl forum you must sign-up at RCGroups free. Do not post off-topic. Isoprop’s description of the 11 and 16 differences.

Buy a real A real 16 camera uses H. Does not have 4 LED holes in the case. Does not use MJPG video compressions. Has almost no missing frames. Click a photo for full size. With a screw mount or ball mount. Will hold the Will the 16 record an audio only file? Then you can de-multiplex the video file to extract the audio stream into an audio ,anual. See “de-multiplexing the MOV file”.

It seems that ##16 the video stream frames and all the audio stream is recorded to the MOV file. During playback, here is the strange confusing part – The video file plays fast at 30 FPS, 6 times normal speed.


For example, consider a file recorded at 5 FPS in 6 minutes of real time. It will have video frames. It will play at 30 FPS in 1 minute.

Car Keys Micro Camera Review – Version #16

On many players the audio will only play for first 1 maual All frames extracted The audio can be extracted as a filename. The extracted audio plays at the correct speed. The audio plays at the correct speed. All audio is extracted. Is the video-out cable for the 18 V2 the same as the V3? What could cause unreliable auto-record while using external USB power? Ken reported this problem to me – “Sometimes the 16 would turn on but the LEDs would flicker manial and sometimes the LEDs would stay on.

In either case the was locked up and not recording”. Ken solved the problem by using a better USB cable. The bad cable was unshielded. The good cable has a foil shield and the shield was ground connected end-to-end. My comment – To avoid problems, the USB cable must have good power and ground conductors and the 5V source must be regulated. Many USB cables are unshielded, contain very small wires on power and ground, and are unreliable.

The 16 uses up to mA, so a good power and ground in the USB cable is necessary. Always test your configuration with the best USB cable you have. The USB 5V source must be compliant 4. Are all video files produced by the 16 compliant to the video standard? The 16 has at least 60 different video configurations possible. I have only tested a few and some configurations are mznual compliant. I don’t know if all seconds of audio is present in the file or if all of it can be played.

The good – All of the video frames are present in the video file and will play. Random access does not totally work. The video plays at 6X speed but the audio plays at 1X speed. The first seconds of audio plays at 1X speed.

How to Use 808 #16 Key Chain Camera Manual and Wiki

I don’t know if all seconds of audio is present in the file. If present, I don’t know how to extract or play all seconds of audio. I do not know how to modify the file to play at 5 FPS without re-encoding it. What is the longest video record time the lowest video data rateif external USB power is used? These times are empirical and approximate. Longer recording will occur due to low light, or motion camera or motion subject. What is the shortest video record time the highest video data rateif external USB power is used?


About 54 MB per minute 18 minutes per GB, 9. What camera configuration parameters effect the video recording time? Resolution x, x, x FPS 5, 10, 15, 20, Bit rate 7, 10 megabits per second. If times-lapse photo mode is enabled and used, what is the data rate of the photos produced? The data rate is about 0.

The period can be configured 0. The first photo name is MINI JPG, so there might be a limit of photos. I don’t know what happens after photo MINI Use in-camera formatting to format the card automatically to the correct format.

There have been two 16 battery sizes. The larger battery requires a thicker case. If your camera has a you can get a thicker case and upgrade to a which will take a longer video and be a little heavier. See this eBay description for an explanation http: If your 16 camera records video and the image has strange colors like magenta, cyan or yellow then the damage might be in the internal camera module. A new A, B or D camera module might fix it.

The 16 and the 26 have a socketed internal camera module with a 24 pin 0. Cables are available to extend the flat cable from 2 to 30 inches. The camera module is fragile. Mechanical shock or bending the flat cable might damage it. See Extending the Camera Flat Cable.

AOV, without additional explanation, depends on the context. It can mean diagonal, horizontal or vertical. Also it can mean the image the lens focuses or it can mean the image that intersects the image sensor array, or the image stored in the video file.